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Preparing for Seasonal Member Engagement: 3 Tips

Preparing for Seasonal Member Engagement: 3 Tips

The holidays are quickly approaching, and while that’s exciting for many, it can also be a little overwhelming. The holiday season is a busy season - and not just for you, but for your members as well.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about seasonal member engagement now. When your members are busy and/or out of the office, how can you keep those engagement levels up?

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What Does Your Peace of Mind Cost? 5 Questions to Ask

We’ve all heard the term “work-life balance” thrown around the last couple of years when it comes to figuring out our daily grind. But what does it really mean? Using the word balance can be a tricky move, as it can make us feel like we’re falling behind if we’re not poised exactly on that work-life line. And let’s be honest: Nothing is ever perfectly 50-50!

So, how do you accomplish blending work fairly into your everyday life? While we might not have all the answers, take a second to look at these five questions to see how you could be more mindful in life and work.

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4 Elements Your Member Renewal Emails NEED

‘Tis the season for membership renewals! Have you started sending renewal reminder emails out yet? What’s the response looking like on those?

If you haven’t started yet or the open/response rate seems a bit low, make sure you’re incorporating these four elements in your renewal reminder emails:

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Stop Doing These 4 Email Headline Mistakes

We’ve all been there: An email appears in our inbox and we skim the title quickly. If it doesn’t seem appealing, we (almost always) delete or ignore it. So, how do you break this cycle and get your emails to stick out to your members?

While we haven’t found any catch-all solutions, we decided to highlight the top four most common mistakes you should avoid when looking to revamp your email headlines. You never know if that one change in your headline could be the reason your members open the email!

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How to Stay Focused at Work During the Busy Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is next week. NEXT WEEK. Can you believe it? This year has flown by.

That said, you know as well as we do that the holidays can be, well, distracting. Not in a bad way - the holidays are fun! But sometimes it can be a challenge to actually get work done.

To help you stay focused and productive at the office, here are a few tips:

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MemberClicks President & CEO Mark Sedgley Answers YOUR Questions

Last week we made a pretty big announcement. MemberClicks is joining forces with WebLink, and we couldn’t be more excited! By coming together, we’ll have more resources and people power to do what we do best - to serve you and your members!

While there’s a lot to navigate in the coming weeks, there’s one thing we know for sure: we’re here to further spread our mission to associations and chambers, empowering you to thrive with refreshing technology and a heart for service.

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How to Take Your Association’s Print Publication Up a Notch: 4 Tips

You’ve likely heard a time or two that print is dead, but we’re here to argue that it’s not. Print can actually be very effective and very engaging, particularly since not as many people are producing it as much.

That said, like any offering or initiative, there’s always room for improvement. So if you’ve noticed a drop-off in readership or less positive feedback than before, it might just be time for a revamp.

To take your association’s print publication up a notch, check out these four tips:

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How to Create an Effective Meeting Agenda

Meetings. We all have them, but most people hate them. Why? Well the biggest complaint is that they’re a waste of time. What could be said in 20 - 30 minutes often takes a full 60.

And as busy association professionals, you SURE don’t have time for that.

So what’s the secret to shorter, more efficient meetings? Well it all starts with the agenda. To keep your team on track, make sure your meeting agenda has the following five elements:

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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Organization’s Membership

There are thousands upon thousands of associations out there, but one thing all associations have in common: They all want to grow!

Now you may have a growth strategy in place (as part of your association’s strategic plan), but does that growth strategy incorporate social media? If not, you may want to consider adding that in, as social media is typically a fairly cheap and easy way to reach new eyes.

Not sure how to grow your organization’s membership using social media? Here are a few ideas:

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MemberClicks Acquires WebLink, an Association Management Software Company

We announced some very exciting news yesterday! As you may have heard, MemberClicks acquired WebLink, an association management software company located in Indianapolis. [Read the full press release here.]

You may have some questions, so we want to provide you with a few answers. Take a look!

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4 Key Questions to Ask for Your Member Spotlight Program

Let’s face it: People love to talk about themselves. It’s part of what makes us human! By sharing personal information about ourselves, it allows us to connect and feel comfortable building relationships with others (especially strangers). So, what’s the best way you can use this behavior for your association’s benefit?

Have you thought about implementing a Member Spotlight program? This initiative will allow for your association to establish stronger connections with your members (think retention!) and provide a nice platform for your members to share their story. Sounds like a win-win, right? Take a look at the top four questions you should ask your members to provide a knock-out spotlight!

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