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7 Ways to Capture the Energy of a New Member

When new members join they’re super enthusiastic, excited, and gung-ho to launch their careers, and your association along with it. But after a few months the novelty has worn off and the member misses an event or two, then the engagement just drops off.

Don’t you wish you could bottle that energy from the first few weeks of membership? Maybe you can! Try the following seven tips and see if you can carry that energy longer!

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MemberClicks' Spring Social

Now that the weather has cleared up and the pollen is slightly less overwhelming, Atlanta-based MemberClicks took the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the spring. 

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The Pros and Cons of Giving a Dues Break to Unemployed Association Members

No matter your association’s industry, layoffs have probably touched your membership somehow. If a member is faced with the reality of losing his or her job and must make tough choices regarding expenses often your association’s dues are one of the first items to be redlined. 

The ironic thing is that your association could have maximum benefits for a member during unemployment and vice versa. When a member is on the job hunt not only do they have more free time but they’re also anxious to volunteer and mingle. So the natural conclusion there is, “so why don’t we offer reduced or free dues to members who are currently unemployed and job seeking?”

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How to Handle Sponsors for your Association Event

At your association events, especially the bigger ones, sponsors can be both a blessing and a curse. The pros include physical and financial help with the event. The cons could include diverted attention from the real event and your members feeling like they’re being marketed to at an event they’ve already paid for. There is a way to put on an amazing event that everyone will love, from your members to your sponsors. Here’s how.

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The Secret to Member Engagement Is… Being Nosy!

Today's blog is the third in the collaborative blogging MemberViews series, "The Secret to Member Engagement is..." This week's blog is written by Sarah Hill, the MemberClicks blogger, but some weeks you'll see MemberViews posts from other association professionals and knowledgeable movers and shakers in the association industry. Enjoy, and tune in next Monday for another take on the secret to member engagement!

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Five Ways to Keep Your Association Calendar Tidy

Your association’s calendar is likely one of the most visited pages on your website or in your AMS. It's probably also one of the most updated features and can be a powerful recruitment tool. But your calendar is also very likely to get completely confusing and disorganized! Here are five ways to keep your calendar nice and neat for you, your members, and even interested potential members who may come along.  

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Breaking Bad News to Members: Small Staff Edition

Yesterday Associations Now’s Joe Rominiecki posted a poignant article about how to handle telling association members about embezzlement. I have to admit, my first reaction was somewhat naive. “Yikes! Embezzlement?! That’s a little extreme, isn’t it?” It is, and it’s horrible, but many associations do have to deal with scandals like that.

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The Heartbleed Vulnerability and Associations

We’ve heard a lot about the Heartbleed Vulnerability in the news lately. There’s a reason for that: it affects up to two thirds of websites online and could make the security of your usernames and passwords on a variety of websites compromised. That, of course, could lead to your personal information, banking information, and other stuff you don’t want shared publicly.

We’ll start with the good news: MemberClicks users won’t have a problem. Our customers’ information is secure.

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Top Five Takeaways Your Members Must Have Leaving Your Meetings

Did you ever leave a meeting and think, “Now what was the point of that?” We’ve all been there, sitting through a meeting, texting distractedly or doodling in the margins of our notepads and thinking this could all have been settled over email. You NEVER want your members to come away with that same feeling after one of your meetings.

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The Two Secrets of Member Engagement from an Engaged Member

Happy MemberViews Monday! This week we have an entry by Amanda Kaiser, association problem solver. Read her secrets to member engagement below and be sure to check out her blog at!

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Diversity in Your Association

“Diversity” is a buzz word these days, and for good reason. Having a diverse membership goes a long way into ensuring future success for your association! Here are five ways to make your diversity work for you.

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