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Pictures, Please! 4 Reasons Visuals Are Important To Your Association

Associations: Is Your Job Getting Harder?

Blame it on social media or helicopter parents, but members expect more of us these days. The one-size-fits-all model of association membership is dead. As Seth Godin said, “The riskiest thing you can do now is be safe. The safe thing to do is be at the fringes, be remarkable.” Doing things as they’ve always been done is a recipe for extinction.

But providing a customized member experience for everyone is hard work and one that requires resources that many associations don’t have.

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Association Leadership: Industry Experts vs. Association Pros

There are many pathways to association leadership, but this blog will address two specifically: the association professional and the industry expert. When looking for a leader for a professional organization, you may be considering or seeking to consider both types. Here are the benefits and drawbacks to either! You can decide from there.

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3 Things You Should Never "Say" In Your Association's Online Community

Whether you have a dedicated community manager or someone who wears twelve hats, and handles everything, there are a few things that will erode all of the work your association has put towards growing your online community.

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How to Create the Custom Member Experience (with limited cash)

Your association may not have the money for big welcome packets or a lot of events. Never fear! Your members can still feel like they’re having a custom experience even without you taking a chunk out of your budget. 

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3 Tips To Be A Successful Giver

The opening session at this year’s ASAE Annual Meeting was one of the best I’ve ever attended. Adam Grant, author of “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success”, discussed how success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others. Out of the 3 interaction styles he outlined, the “Giver” is the most interesting and the one with the potential to be the most successful, especially in the world of association professionals.

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How to Announce Your Departure

Career changes are part of the professional journey. As much as you love your association and have probably invested a lot of time, energy, and love into it, there may be a better opportunity on the horizon. Here are a few things to consider when preparing your association to get along without you. 

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7 Places to Find Content Ideas for Your Association Blog

Sometimes the well runs dry and you question your whole idea of writing a blog for your association, but don’t worry. Topics are everywhere. You just need to know where to look.

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Your Association and the Unpopular Opinion

Have you ever found yourself on the uncool side of a debate? We're not talking about mixing plaids and stripes. Say your association is a conscientious promoter of free speech, and certain unpopular protesters exercise that right. You're at a networking event and someone says every single insulting protester should be arrested for the things they say out loud and on their signs. You feel uncomfortable knowing that no matter how unpopular those protesters may be, they're exercising their right to free speech, something both you and your members defend regularly and passionately. 

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Why Member Friendships are Great for Your Association!

Even if your association is a professional one, you'll be surprised how many members join for personal reasons. The most common personal reason? Make friends. 

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Are You an Engager or a Danger to Your Online Community?

Some people are natural engagers. They make you feel incredible the moment you meet them. Others…well…let’s just say you wouldn’t buy them a cup of coffee.

If you are in charge of your association’s online community being an engager will help you build lasting relationships with your members. If you’re not engaging your members, you are a danger to the success of your community.

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5 Things Pinterest Can Teach You About Association Leadership

Chances are you’ve wasted a few minutes on Pinterest here and there. Okay, maybe more than a few minutes. Maybe a few hours. Maybe a weekend. Maybe we should just stop there with the Pinterest confessions (because I know I’ve probably wasted a lot more time than that!) Pinterest is quickly becoming a way for people to bookmark things they want, need, can use or even find funny in a neat, organized way. You may think right now it’s all recipes and nail designs, but there’s actually a lot from just the Pinterest home page that an Association leader can use. Here are five ways Pinterest can help you be a better Association Leader.  

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