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Pictures, Please! 4 Reasons Visuals Are Important To Your Association

The "Noun" Rule and Association Networking

Networking: the essence of the association world. Where would we be without it? Networking is how you meet all of your association rock stars, your committee leaders, your friends and quite honestly the folks who may give you your next opportunities.

As the year winds down and you start thinking about the personal and professional paths you’d like to be on and you’d like for your association to strive for, make a list of things you would like to learn from people in the last of the year’s events. 

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When It's Not You, It's Them: Struggles With Retention

Conducting exit interviews, sending out emails asking why someone didn’t renew, these are all good ways to get a feel for the causes of your retention problems. But the real answer for most associations is “They just weren’t that into you.”

Most of the time, it’s no fault of your own. We know you’re fabulous. The members just didn’t take the time to get to know you. If they did, they surely would’ve realized all the great things you offer and they’d have renewed. How do you get them to give you a chance?

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Tricks for Soothing Member Burnout

The end of the year is crunch time for everyone, and without knowing it you may be adding too much pressure onto your members. That could have some dangerous consequences, not the least of which is burnout. Member burnout is one step on a short road to evaluating at 2015 budget and realizing that association dues may not make the cut next year.

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Wrapping Up the Year With Your Board

Working with a board can be very rewarding, but also very exasperating. One of the most common complaints of a small staff association leader is the sometimes cumbersome process pushing action through with the board. If you find yourself with six weeks left in 2014 and initiatives still on the table, this blog is for you!

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4 Places to Recruit New Members

You’re setting goals for 2015 and we just bet that "recruit new members" is on that list. But where oh where can you find them? Here are four places that are certain to turn out interested and engaged potential new members!

  • Start with your current members
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Is Your Association Making These 4 Common Social Media Mistakes?

Social media is still in its infancy and a lot of associations are just starting to get their stride – engaging members and moving prospects down the sales/membership funnel. But these mistakes are so common you’ve probably already made one today. Here’s what you need to stop now and why they’re hurting you more than your think:

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3 Things to Consider when Establishing Board Member Expectations

As 2014 winds down and it’s time to start setting goals and expectations for 2015, you need to start thinking about leadership for next year.

But where to begin? Chances are that there are things you like about your current board, things you would like to change, and hopes you have for the future.

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Why You Need to Tell Your Association Members’ Stories Before Your Own

Guilty by association. We are the company we keep. If your association is the sum of your members, you need to be telling their stories first.

Their stories are an extension of your own. What people here about them will reflect on you. Here are a few things to keep in mind about telling your members’ stories:

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6 Questions to Decide if Your Association Should Endorse a Candidate

Yesterday was Election Day, so that begs an important question: should your association (or you as an association leader) endorse a candidate? It may seem like a question that’s a little out of bounds for some associations, but think about it. Associations look out for the best interests for the businesses they represent. That often involves political issues.

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How to Share Your Members

Many associations in larger cities or communities have similar groups in the same area. A restaurant professional, for example, may belong to both a tourism association and a local farming collective. If you have several members who also belong to other groups, you might run into an issue here or there! Here are the steps to flawlessly sharing some of your members with a second (or even multiple) organizations.

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The Pros and Cons of Sharing an Event Space

If you’ve ever planned an event from a birthday party to a huge conference, you know that often the opportunity to share your space presents itself. This could be great news! It could also present a lot of challenges. Let’s look at the pros and cons of sharing your event space!

  • Pros
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