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Membership Renewal Emails: 3 Templates Worth Adopting

You likely send your members all types of email messages: news updates, event promotions, event reminders, etc.

But some of the most important email messages you send your members: renewal notices. You WANT them to renew, and so the reception of those messages matter.

So how can you write renewal reminder emails that your members will respond well to? We’ve put together three email templates (and times to send) that we’ve found typically work well for associations and chambers. Take a look!

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11 Essential Twitter Accounts for Association Pros

Posted by Callie Walker

Must-Follow Twitter Accounts.jpg

We talk a lot about the importance of having a Twitter account, but once you have one, who should you follow? Fortunately for association pros, there are a lot of good options. In fact, here are 11 Twitter accounts you should ABSOLUTELY follow:

1. Associations Now (@AssociationsNow)

Associations Now is THE leading industry publication in the association space. Here you’ll find in-depth articles regarding association trends, tips, best practices, news updates and more!

2. Ernie Smith (@ErnieSmithAN)

Ernie Smith is a social media journalist for Associations Now. If you’re going to follow Associations Now, you need to follow Ernie Smith as well. He’s always putting out new, valuable content.

3. Joe Rominiecki (@joerominiecki)

Joe Rominiecki is a contributing editor at Associations Now and his articles are among some of our favorites. He’s always exploring the latest trends and new ways to think about association management.

4. Association Chat (@assnchat)

Are you familiar with the Association Chat that takes place on Huzza/Twitter every Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET? It’s an opportunity for the association community to come together and talk about recent trends, tips, issues, etc. @assnchat is the official Twitter account for that chat, and we highly encourage you to follow along for topic announcements, takeaways, and more.

5. Kiki L’Italien (@kikilitalien)

Kiki L’Italien is the CEO of Amplified Growth, LLC. She’s a consultant, trainer, public speaker, AND the host of Association Chat. Need we say more?! Follow her!

6. SBI Association Management (@sbistaff)

SBI Association Management is a full-service association management company (AMC), and we love their Twitter account because it’s full of industry news, tips, and best practices. Lots of value there, folks!

7. Capterra NPTech (@CapterraNPTech)

For those in the nonprofit space, we highly encourage following Capterra NPTech. Capterra NPTech has a great blog and posts a lot about donor relations, volunteer management, nonprofit software, etc.

8. Amanda Kaiser (@SmoothThePath)

Amanda Kaiser is a member researcher, writer, and speaker. She’s also a great blogger and asks some really thought-provoking questions that we should all ponder.

9. Incline Marketing (@InclineMktg)

Struggling to market your association? @InclineMktg is the Twitter account to follow. There you’ll find everything you need to know about social media marketing, as it applies to nonprofit organizations and professional associations.

10. Deirdre Reid (@deirdrereid)

Deirdre Reid is a freelance writer for association tech firms. She has a great blog and puts out a weekly post called, Association Brain Food Weekly. It lists all the webinars for the week for the association community, and it’s BEYOND helpful!

11. MemberClicks (@MemberClicks)

You didn’t think we’d finish the list without including our Twitter account, did you?! We’re always posting new tips, tricks, and best practices, so give us a follow here!

You may be using social media for your own personal benefit, but are you using it to market your association as well? You should be! Need help getting started or determining which platforms to use? Check out our Small-Staff Guide to Social Media below! (Note: It’s free!)

The Small-Staff Guide to Social Media

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