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Boosting Membership Retention from the Start: Your Members’ First 3 Months

Does membership retention really begin the second a member joins your association?

It should! The better you onboard, the more likely your members are to renew.

So the question then becomes...how do you effectively onboard your new members? What should you be doing in their first few months? Here’s a breakdown:

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3 Handy Twitter Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Posted by Callie Walker


Social networks are constantly rolling out new features - so many, in fact, that it’s often hard to keep up.

But we have to admit, some of those features are pretty cool. In fact, here are three handy Twitter features you probably didn’t know existed:

1. You can tag people in your photos

You probably knew you could tag people in photos on Facebook, but did you know you can tag people in photos on Twitter as well? That’s right. You can tag up to 10 people per picture. And the best news? It doesn’t count against your 140 characters!

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the “Tweet” button
  • Upload your photo
  • Click on “Who’s in this photo?” and enter the Twitter handles of up to 10 people


2. You can create a photo collage

Trying to choose between three or four pictures to upload? Well now you don’t have to! With Twitter’s photo collage feature, you can upload up to four pictures in a single tweet. Here’s how:

  • Click on the “Tweet” button
  • Upload your first photo
  • Click on “Add more photos” - and keep uploading!


3. You can mute accounts you’re following

Rather than unfollowing someone you’d rather not hear from, you can mute their account temporarily. Now we’re not suggesting you do this passive-aggressively, but sometimes it can be helpful. For example, if you’re struggling to manage your Twitter stream or need things a bit quieter during a Twitter chat or conference, you may want to turn on the mute feature.

Here’s how to access the mute option:

  • Go to someone’s Twitter profile
  • Click the gear icon next to the “Following” button
  • Choose “Mute” from the dropdown menu

Then at any point, you can go back and unmute them!

Want more tips for mastering social media? Check out our free Social Media Guide below! It has best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and MORE!


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