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Membership Monday Post 1 (Final)

Membership Monday: Attracting Young Professional Members to Your Association

It’s the question that gets asked over and over and over again:

How can we attract young professional members to our association?

And hey, it’s a valid question! As more and more Baby Boomers enter retirement, and more and more Millennials and Gen Z-ers enter and move up in the workforce, in order for associations to remain relevant (and in existence), they have to start appealing to those younger generations.

And we’re not just talking about “getting on their radar,” but actually getting those young professionals to JOIN associations. (Not the easiest task ever, we’ll admit.)

But good news! In the first installment of our new Membership Monday series, we’re addressing how to attract young professional members to your association. Read on for a few tactics worth trying!

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3 Reasons Your Membership Spreadsheet Just Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

Posted by Callie Walker


Do you ever feel like you’re in a bad episode of “Man vs. Membership Spreadsheet?” And worse, you’re losing? It’s not a fun position to be in.

Now you might be in denial that it’s time for a change, but if that’s the case, here are three reasons (or reminders) that your membership spreadsheet just isn’t cutting it anymore:

1. Your membership is growing faster than you can keep up

This is actually a great position to be in...unless you’re relying on a membership spreadsheet. Then it can become a downright nightmare. You’re starting to lose track of information - what committees people are a part of, who attended what event, when dues renewals are approaching...the list goes on and on. And if you can’t handle continuous growth, you’re likely to stunt your association’s progress.

2. You’re doing everything manually - and it’s starting to become infeasible

With a membership spreadsheet, you’re likely managing everything by hand - member applications, event registrations, dues renewals, etc. And you probably want to pull your hair out. When you had a smaller membership, it wasn’t so bad. Sure, it took a little time, but it was doable. Now that your membership is growing though, it’s becoming nearly impossible to do everything by hand, especially accurately.

And that’s where the real problem lies. When you start making errors, time and time again, that’s when your members begin to get annoyed. They’ll only tolerate so many slip-ups before re-evaluating their membership entirely.

3. The burden of security is STRESSING YOU OUT

As someone who works in association management, you have a LOT of information about your members - confidential information that they’re trusting you with (their phone numbers, home addresses, credit card info, etc.). That undoubtedly puts some pressure on you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get rid of that pressure? Well here’s the thing: You can.

In fact, you can get rid of ALL these problems with the help of an association management system, or an AMS, for short. An AMS is a technology solution that helps streamline your day-to-day processes. It consolidates everything - your website, event registrations, dues renewals, etc. - giving you more time to focus on your members and your mission.

Want to see how else an AMS can make your life easier? Check out our free guide Eliminating the Pain of Membership Spreadsheets below!

Eliminating the Pain of Membership Spreadsheets  How to make your life easier using an AMS Download this guide

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