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Boosting Membership Retention from the Start: Your Members’ First 3 Months

Does membership retention really begin the second a member joins your association?

It should! The better you onboard, the more likely your members are to renew.

So the question then becomes...how do you effectively onboard your new members? What should you be doing in their first few months? Here’s a breakdown:

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Make Chamber Operations Easy with a Membership Management System

Association friends: While we usually talk about associations’ operations in this blog, today we’re focusing a little bit on chambers of commerce. But, given that you are both membership-based organizations, a lot of this still applies to you and maybe it can give you some ideas to bring into your industry and organization!

Ok, so managing a chamber of commerce will never be easy. With hundreds to thousands of members (and their benefits) to keep track of, on top of any other entities you manage, events to plan, finances to keep accurate, not to mention your advocacy and community building efforts...so much to do, so little time.

That’s where having the right membership management system comes into play. There will always be a lot on your plate, but these platforms are built specifically to:

  • give you some of that time back
  • give you more resources to accomplish your goals
  • give you the tools that will in turn help you provide more value to your members

Sounds like a dream, right? Well it can be a reality with the right solution! Each membership management system is a little different, but generally speaking these are some of the features you can expect to see:

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ENGAGE. IN PERSON. Introducing the First Annual MC LIVE!

Calling all MemberClicks and WebLink users!

We’re excited to announce the first annual MC LIVE!

MC LIVE! brings together hundreds of association and chamber professionals for three days of educational breakouts, hands-on instruction, and exceptional networking. This October 10-12, join us at the JW Marriott Indianapolis Downtown for a shockingly refreshing technology conference experience that will empower the way you lead your organization and transform how you serve your members.

This event is born directly out of our acquisition of WebLink - you see, the WebLink team produced the annual Summit (sound familiar, WL users?) for 15+ years. We’re thrilled the continue the tradition, and grow on the foundation that has been built!

We’ll continue to release more details (including a full agenda), but in the meantime here’s what attendees can expect:

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Which of These Volunteer Trends Will You Try This Year?

Asking for volunteers and really getting the most out of their activity can be a struggle. Everyone feels the “there are only so many hours in a day” sentiment, your members included. It can be difficult for them to commit to yet another regularly scheduled activity - let alone give it their all when it comes after a crazy day at the office.

It becomes quite the conundrum when your association relies on volunteers to provide certain benefits, or even to function. If you can identify with these difficulties, it might be time to rethink your association’s volunteer structure. Take a look at these trends and think about how they could fit into (or even replace!) the ways you currently drum up volunteers:

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What Does it Mean to Have a "Heart for Service"?

If you’ve been a part of MemberClicks Nation (you all, our users) for a while, you’ll know that we hold our mission very close to us. And if you haven’t, get used to hearing about it! Because we honestly circle back to our mission - and our values - in everything we do.

The MemberClicks mission is to empower member-based organizations to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service.

Obviously our main purpose for existing is the technology, right? That’s what you know us for! We are the technology partner to over 3,000 trade & professional associations, chambers of commerce and association management companies. And to us, it’s vital that you walk away from any MemberClicks interaction completely refreshed - whether that’s with the Help team, during your time in Onboarding, the first phone call with a Solution Adviser...or even reading this blog post.

But this (almost) Valentine’s Day, it’s only appropriate that we talk about that “heart for service” bit. What exactly does it mean for us to empower you with a heart for service? I think it’s easiest to explain in three buckets:

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How to Simplify Speaker Selection with an Abstract Management Tool

While conferences are exciting to plan and execute, the actual process of sifting through and managing your submissions for session presenters can often be incredibly daunting. Without a system in place, you’re looking at hours of work between reading them, organizing your review team, gathering feedback and ensuring that selections are made fairly, timely and securely.

That’s where abstract management comes into play! Abstract management tools take all of that headache away and more, allowing you to manage submissions - and their reviews - with ease. Here are just a few ways that using an abstract management solution will save your association staff time (and energy) this conference season:

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Amplify Non-Dues Revenue With This Beginners' Guide to Banner Ads

One of the things that MemberClicks employees (aka, Clickers) often talk about with associations when we’re designing and building their websites are banner ads – how they work, what they should cost, and why to even bother with them. Yes, digital advertising is a monster, but by understanding the basics your association can build itself an easy to manage, super profitable non-dues revenue stream.

As someone who used to manage ads for five different websites, one thing I can tell you about the digital advertising industry is that it’s still SO fluid. Every day developers are creating new ways to integrate ads into the digital experience – which is great for giving advertisers more options, but difficult for setting industry standards that will stand the test of time.

That being said, you don’t have to know it all to produce a robust and profitable banner advertising program for your association website! I’ve put together a few basic concepts to help guide your understanding of banner ads, and some package ideas you can get started with:

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Mark Your Calendars! February Events & Training Opportunities

Our 2018 calendar is packed with trade shows, meetings and conferences that we’ll be attending all across the country. While that makes for a busy year, we’re so excited to hit the road and see as many of you as we can, face to face! Comment below or send us an email to let us know if we’ll be seeing you at any of these February events (or just stop by and say hi).

And for when we can’t see you in person, there are always training and best practice webinars! See below for what’s on tap this month, and to register.

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How to Start a National Awareness Day for Your Association

Developing a national day to annually rally around your industry (or a related cause) is an excellent way to boost awareness for both your organization and its mission. Not only will this help with member engagement, but you’ll also be working toward starting a larger conversation about something important to you, your members and your industry. Bonus? You’ll be giving the public a platform and the resources they need to talk about it (for some of that invaluable word-of-mouth marketing).

But oh boy - where to even begin?! It may sound daunting, but in a world where International Talk Like a Pirate Day exists and is successful (yes, this is a real thing), we’re confident you can pull it off. Our advice: start small and grow it! Here are a few steps to get you going - who knows, 2018 could be the inaugural year!

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7 Ways a Conference App Adds Value to Your Event

Having a conference app just for your event is a seriously powerful tool. They are designed to get more attendee engagement - all while providing a refreshing experience. Plus, when you have a go-to partner to lean on for your conference app needs, you can focus on the content and event planning.

We’ve identified seven major benefits to creating an app dedicated solely to your conference. As you read, think about how each of these benefits would make your biggest annual event easier to manage!

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Why Facebook’s Bombshell Announcement is Great for Associations

Just a couple weeks ago, Facebook announced that it was going to be making major changes to what appears in our individual News Feeds.

The social media powerhouse says it is going to now prioritize content that is likely to spark meaningful conversations between friends and family. The move comes from the aftermath of Facebook’s involvement in the super contentious 2016 US election season. Personally, it’s comforting to see the platform acknowledge its power in our modern world, and make changes that are - according to Mark Zuckerberg - “aimed at ensuring that time spent on Facebook is good for people's well-being.” Sounds lovely, right? Like it was the intended purpose of the channel all along?

But as a marketer, it’s exhausting to think about. Growing organic reach is already tricky, and this is guaranteed to make it even more difficult. That being said, I couldn’t help but think that this was actually a GREAT thing for member-based organizations.

Associations, it is YOUR TIME to shine on Facebook! And why?

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