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Preparing for Seasonal Member Engagement: 3 Tips

Preparing for Seasonal Member Engagement: 3 Tips

The holidays are quickly approaching, and while that’s exciting for many, it can also be a little overwhelming. The holiday season is a busy season - and not just for you, but for your members as well.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about seasonal member engagement now. When your members are busy and/or out of the office, how can you keep those engagement levels up?

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Friday Top Five: On Leadership and Volunteers

Posted by MemberClicks Blog

Happy Friday, everyone! The annual Clickies, our MemberClicks awards, were definitely a blast last night - we'll be sharing fun photos on Monday, so stay tuned to see photos of Clickers enjoying themselves outside of the office.

As always, we've got five awesome blog posts to share, so read on and catch up on these ones before heading out for the weekend!

1. Jeff Hurt writes about "big data muscles" and why they matter for your conference success. Use all your data to plan meetings that reflect where association professionals will be, not where they have been.

2. How does your small staff association treat its volunteers? Wes Trochlil writes that, while associations manage their volunteers well while they are volunteering, very few keep a complete record on volunteerism and use it to their advantage. Your volunteers likely help keep your association running smoothly. Treat them well.

3. Jeffrey Cufaude wonders what happens after a so-called "emerging leader" gains more responsibility, but before they become a "senior executive." He write that not enough education or challenges occur between those two time periods, and asserts that everyone is an "emerging leader" because it is an ongoing state or leadership development, which is constantly evolving.

4. Jeff De Cagna shares two reasons why membership is killing association business models. You might be thinking, "isn't membership what we're all about?", but Jeff writes that continued focus on membership is harming the traditional business model. Definitely take a look at this thought-provoking blog post.

5. If you could choose one critical skill for an association professional, what would it be? DeLaine Bender, at the Stronger by Association blog, asserts that it's time management. DeLaine writes, Associations tend to be the recipients of many varied demands and great ideas for serving constituents, but have limited resources to act upon them.

From everyone at MemberClicks, have a wonderful weekend!

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