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7 Ways to Capture the Energy of a New Member

When new members join they’re super enthusiastic, excited, and gung-ho to launch their careers, and your association along with it. But after a few months the novelty has worn off and the member misses an event or two, then the engagement just drops off.

Don’t you wish you could bottle that energy from the first few weeks of membership? Maybe you can! Try the following seven tips and see if you can carry that energy longer!

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Friday Top Five: Succession Planning and Authenticity

Posted by MemberClicks Blog

Happy Friday! It's been a busy week here in MemberClicks-world but that's the way we like it! With the Sweet Sixteen this weekend, there will likely be lots of exciting basketball games!

Let's get right to it and share our five fave blog posts from around the association community this week. Which ones were your favorites?

1. Jeffrey Cufaude shared nine questions related to authenticity. Sure, we all tweak aspects of our "selves" to fit the moment, Jeffrey writes, but it's important to cultivate a unique sense of authenticity. There are also some great book recommendations.

2. I'm sure many of us will agree that Apple stores generally cultivate a positive shopping and learning experience. Jeff Hurt uses this analogy to explain how your association's meeting space should be equally inviting. The space should focus on learning and intertwine service within.

3. Mark Athitakis used one word to describe the word for associations and the economy in 2012: meh. Is your association optimistic, or are you feeling the effects of the report ASAE published recently as well?

4. David M. Patt shared an anecdote from a meeting where one committee member commented loudly on the budget for a particular event. The meeting, David said, quickly became a childish fight - until the meeting chair stepped in to calmly make sure everyone returned to the agenda. How does your organization stop bad meeting behavior?

5. KiKi L'Italien shared three great ways organization leaders can embrace leadership succession. Do you create room at the top for staffers to grow and be promoted? What kind of career growth does your association offer?

From all of us at MemberClicks, have a wonderful weekend!

Topics: association leadership, event planning

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