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Earning non-dues revenue as a small staff association

Does your small staff want to know how to earn non-dues revenue? (Let's be real: what organization doesn't?!)

Here are some ideas and insights from Tracy Thompson-Przylucki, Executive Director, NELLCO and Lewis Flex, President of Flax Associates.

Typical non-dues revenue opportunities include:
- Conference sponsorships
- Gala dinner; other fundraising event
- Advertising
- Event or program sponsorships
- List rental
- Affinity programs

But what can your organization do differently when creating corporate relationships? (And think about it ... are those corporate messages believable?)

- Bundle benefits strategically
- Tier packages to incentivize companies to ‘buy-up’
- Price packages based on value
- Consider their interests
- Understand their current activities, objectives and challenges
- Clarify how they work with others
- Seek ways your association can assist
- Identify why your organization is unique

What are your keys to success?

- Targeted focus
- Recognize and understand needs
- Speak their language
- Relationship first
- Seek and value their input
- Simple outreach
-Make it happen
- Celebrate small successes!


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