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7 Ways to Capture the Energy of a New Member

When new members join they’re super enthusiastic, excited, and gung-ho to launch their careers, and your association along with it. But after a few months the novelty has worn off and the member misses an event or two, then the engagement just drops off.

Don’t you wish you could bottle that energy from the first few weeks of membership? Maybe you can! Try the following seven tips and see if you can carry that energy longer!

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Earning non-dues revenue as a small staff association

Posted by MemberClicks Blog

Does your small staff want to know how to earn non-dues revenue? (Let's be real: what organization doesn't?!)

Here are some ideas and insights from Tracy Thompson-Przylucki, Executive Director, NELLCO and Lewis Flex, President of Flax Associates.

Typical non-dues revenue opportunities include:
- Conference sponsorships
- Gala dinner; other fundraising event
- Advertising
- Event or program sponsorships
- List rental
- Affinity programs

But what can your organization do differently when creating corporate relationships? (And think about it ... are those corporate messages believable?)

- Bundle benefits strategically
- Tier packages to incentivize companies to ‘buy-up’
- Price packages based on value
- Consider their interests
- Understand their current activities, objectives and challenges
- Clarify how they work with others
- Seek ways your association can assist
- Identify why your organization is unique

What are your keys to success?

- Targeted focus
- Recognize and understand needs
- Speak their language
- Relationship first
- Seek and value their input
- Simple outreach
-Make it happen
- Celebrate small successes!

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