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6 Online Engagement Hacks for Association Professionals

6 Online Engagement Hacks for Association Professionals

Member engagement is top-of-mind for most association professionals. But when it comes to actually making that happen, well, roadblocks often occur. Sometimes what we THINK will appeal to members and potential members doesn’t, and we’re left scratching our heads.

Engagement is tough - we get it. So to help you out, we’ve put together six online engagement hacks for association professionals:

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Content Creation Ideas

Posted by MemberClicks Blog

Original post by Shannon Otto

"Facebook!" "Twitter!" "Blogging!" "Google Plus!"

It's probably pretty annoying to have people constantly telling you you need to be tweeting, Facebooking and blogging on top of everything else you’re responsible for - especially as a small staff association professional. It’s probably extremely frustrating when there are barely enough hours in the day for you to juggle your everyday tasks, let alone add social networking to the mix.

Yet, it’s important for your association to be viewed as an expert in the field. For one thing, members will appreciate it. And those members can create positive word-of-mouth marketing for the organization.

So, how can you create meaningful content when you’re totally pressed for time?

1. Enlist a few members to create content.

2. Curate content from other blogs in the industry.

3. Interview a few members and create a “day in the life” story.

4. Write a review. Review products, software or anything your membership would find useful.

5. Link to old favorites within your own blog. Just because someone is reading your blog today doesn’t mean they were reading it a year ago.

6. Create an analogy. For instance, I’ve written about how football is like association management.Twice.

7. Incorporate a newsworthy story or pop culture event to your association. How does it affect your members?

8. Make your post into a list. (Much like I'm doing right now.)

9. Share photos instead of words. (A picture is worth a thousand words, right?)

10. Crowdsource post ideas from members.

And when all else fails, get inspired. Go for a walk. See a movie. Sometimes getting your mind off the task at hand helps clear your head.

How does your small staff association create content when it’s short on time?

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