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Which of These Volunteer Trends Will You Try This Year?

Asking for volunteers and really getting the most out of their activity can be a struggle. Everyone feels the “there are only so many hours in a day” sentiment, your members included. It can be difficult for them to commit to yet another regularly scheduled activity - let alone give it their all when it comes after a crazy day at the office.

It becomes quite the conundrum when your association relies on volunteers to provide certain benefits, or even to function. If you can identify with these difficulties, it might be time to rethink your association’s volunteer structure. Take a look at these trends and think about how they could fit into (or even replace!) the ways you currently drum up volunteers:

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MC Cares: 2012 Canned Food and Toy Drive

Posted by Sarah Hill

This year to celebrate the holiday season, the employees here at Memberclicks are sharing the wealth by donating to an office canned food drive. We’re getting off to a good start, and we’ll keep you updated throughout the season with what we’re collecting!

The Clickers’ donations are going to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which serves Atlanta area food pantries, community kitchens, childcare centers, night shelters, and senior centers.

If you, your place of employment or your association want to participate in a canned food drive this holiday season, check out Feeding America to find a food bank in need near you.

 This bin will be filled!

We’re also participating in a toy drive for Lift Up Atlanta. Lift Up Atlanta supports the local homeless community with materials to meet basic needs needs such as clothing, hygiene products, and safe housing. We’re donating those goods, as well as toys to make a difference for homeless children.

If you’re interested in helping out the homeless community in your area, check out homelessshelterdirectory.org.

We wish you the very best this holiday season!

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