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4 Things Your Members Expect from Your Association

4 Things Your Members Expect from Your Association

People join associations for a number of reasons - professional development, networking opportunities, certifications and ongoing education, etc. But regardless of why they join, there are a few underlying expectations people have of your association - things they expect you to adhere to, regardless of size or industry.

So what exactly are your members expecting from your association? We’ve identified four key qualities/behaviors.

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Check those references!

Posted by Sarah Hill

You’re shopping for an association management system. You’ve done your research, and now you’ve seen demos for a final few solutions and are trying to decide between them.

You’re on a big important step in your process: calling references.

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From a sales standpoint, naturally whomever you talk to demonstrating the product is going to bring out the best attributes, the coolest features, and sell you on a terrific experience with the product.

Ask them for references who uses that AMS regularly who will back up those claims. (Note: at this point, if the company is unwilling or unable to provide references, consider carefully if you’re okay with working with a less-established company.)

When you get the references on the phone, ask them similar questions that you asked in your presentation or demos. Find out if their organization is similar to yours, and if their needs are being met.

Make sure you ask about:

-Product updates, how often, and if those updates will impact your regular workflow

-How accessible the help team is and how easy they are to work with

-How often the company communicates with their customers

-How the implementation process went, and if there’s anything they would change or questions they wish they had asked at the time

Also, you might want to take it one step further and see if you can find any other groups in the association space who may already be using the AMS you are considering. Try Linked in or Google+ communities to connect, and see if you can solicit some reviews from friends. That way you truly get an unbiased opinion.

 Good luck! And give us a call! We may be able to help with your needs.

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