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6 Online Engagement Hacks for Association Professionals

6 Online Engagement Hacks for Association Professionals

Member engagement is top-of-mind for most association professionals. But when it comes to actually making that happen, well, roadblocks often occur. Sometimes what we THINK will appeal to members and potential members doesn’t, and we’re left scratching our heads.

Engagement is tough - we get it. So to help you out, we’ve put together six online engagement hacks for association professionals:

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Friday Top Five: Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Sarah Hill

SEO mastery seems almost like this magic thing that happens when the stars align over your website efforts. You're moving along, and then POOF the SEO rabbit pops out of your website. That's not true! There's an ever-changing algorithm that you can unlock. Here are some articles that will help with your SEO success.

Work some SEO magic

SEO and Content: Happy Together! By Jonathan Colman

“OUTSTANDING presentation based on REI's experiences on why SEO matters, how you should be tying it to your content strategy, and, along the way, debunking some SEO myths.”


The SEO of Responsive Web Design by Kristina Kledzik

“Google wants to send visitors to the sites that they want to see. When searchers navigate to your site and immediately return to search engine results pages, Google makes a note that your site might not be the best choice for that search term.”


Five Powerful Ways To Improve Your Website’s SEO by John Haydon

“Optimizing your website for search allows you to reach people precisely when they are looking for you!  This means that they’re probably more likely to donate, volunteer, or at least join an email list.”


SEO: 9 tips for optimizing a nonprofit site by Dennis Yu

“Our advice: create a page a day of unique content on that topic and over time you’ll be there in the rankings. Simple, but rarely followed.”


Simple SEO for Nonprofit Writers- 12 tips by Joanne Fritz

“The good news is that most SEO happens right in the content that you write. Good SEO happens naturally (or "organically" as the SEO experts like to say) when you write good content.”


Now go out and SEO!

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