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Membership Renewal Emails: 3 Templates Worth Adopting

You likely send your members all types of email messages: news updates, event promotions, event reminders, etc.

But some of the most important email messages you send your members: renewal notices. You WANT them to renew, and so the reception of those messages matter.

So how can you write renewal reminder emails that your members will respond well to? We’ve put together three email templates (and times to send) that we’ve found typically work well for associations and chambers. Take a look!

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From Multiview: Why Your Association Should Blog

Posted by Sarah Hill

In the spirit of yesterday’s blog about curating some of the great content that’s already out there, today we’re going to talk about a great blog posted by MultiView answering one simple question: why should your association blog?

Author Callie Cady brings out some excellent points to answer that question:

1)   It provides your readers with a constant flow of information

2)   It’s more personal

3)   It allows for your members to interact with you on a regular basis

4)   It allows the association to be more creative

She describes these points in detail. Be sure to check out the whole post here.

We couldn’t agree more, but when you’re already juggling more than you can handle the thought of picking up a blog, which can be fairly time-consuming and a little intimidating, can be straight-up scary. So to expand on Callie’s points, here are some tips to get going and make it a little easier to get going.

Why your association should blog, and how to make it easier

1)   Pick your members’ brains for content, then make a list 

I just gave away my blogging secret. You’re welcome. My desk is filled with lists of blog topics that I’ve picked up in meetings, from fellow Clickers, from conferences, from #assnchat, you name it. If you feel like going one step further…


2)   Create an editorial calendar

Decide how often you/your members will be able to blog without everyone losing their minds and simply assign all your topics to those days on a shared calendar. Then you can forget about it for awhile and sleep soundly knowing your blog topics are planned out for awhile. But don’t forget to keep an outlook for new ideas and update the calendar regularly!


3)   Use a program that makes it easy

We use HubSpot, which is helpful because it allows for scheduling posts, but they’re not the only blog tool that has that feature. I can hammer out a couple blogs and schedule them for daily posting and focus on other things, which is super crucial for a person limited on time and resources!


4)   Write about what you want to write about sometimes

You can’t get totally off topic, but if you write about things that are important and relevant to you instead of what you feel like you SHOULD write about all the time, the blog will come together in no time, and the ideas will flow.


5)   Be sure to share relevant content, which is just as important as creating your own


Now in the words of MultiView, “If your association already blogs, keep up the good work! If it doesn’t, don’t sweat it…just make it happen as soon as you can”

Topics: association management, small staff association

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