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Membership Renewal Emails: 3 Templates Worth Adopting

You likely send your members all types of email messages: news updates, event promotions, event reminders, etc.

But some of the most important email messages you send your members: renewal notices. You WANT them to renew, and so the reception of those messages matter.

So how can you write renewal reminder emails that your members will respond well to? We’ve put together three email templates (and times to send) that we’ve found typically work well for associations and chambers. Take a look!

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5 big ideas for easy, repeatable, shareable video content

Posted by Sarah Hill

Video can seem like a huge undertaking, but with almost all digital cameras having a video setting, most smart phones making video super easy, and HD cameras fitting in your pocket, it’s easier than ever to have sharable, quality content. Not to mention YouTube has an easy-to-use interface that makes sharing practically effortless.

 Big ideas for video content

The hardest part, believe it or not, is generating the content. So we’re here to help you out with a few ideas. The best part is, you can use these basic video formats again and again!


1)   Meet the members

Your association is filled with knowledgeable, driven, professional individuals. Showcase all of that talent! It’s a win-win. You can brag about your quality membership base, they get some exposure and something to explana-brag about, and everyone could possibly recruit new members. A short, casual, 1-2 minute video asking about the person and his or her involvement in the association could be a great thoughtful video. Or let the member decide his or her introduction to the internet and the rest of the membership!


2)   Share your community

By “community” we mean both the geographic area and the nature of your association. Show off cool innovations in your field, great work areas, and things your members have been working on. It gives legitimacy to your association by showing members at work, and is a great tool to show off the insight and knowledge of your members without a straight Q and A interview.


3)   Slideshows

Not all videos need to be actual motion pictures. Slideshows set to music are be just as compelling as movies, plus you already have the content! They’re easy to make in most video editing software, and slideshows have the added benefit of fitting in more faces: people love to see themselves and a video that has 30 faces in it is a lot more likely to get shared than a video with one face in it. Keep in mind, though, that while great videos, all of your video content can’t be stills. Intermix those slideshows with video or you’ll look like a one trick pony.


4)   Media outreach

Has your association been interviewed by any local news agencies or vlogs? They’re usually very willing to share that footage, as long as you promote the video using their station bugs and captions. It’s also a great way to prove your association’s impact on your community!


5)   Speaker series

Do you or any of your members or employees give speeches? If so, make sure you’re there! Not only for moral support, but also to showcase their work on your video page or your website!


Don’t forget, that even though these types of video will probably resonate among your members and lead to some increased activity and views, the absolute best content is unique, animated, and quite often, spontaneous. It’s those “out-of-the-box” spontaneous videos that go viral. Good luck and happy filming!


Need a place to post all those great videos?

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