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7 Elements Your Member Landing Page NEEDS

7 Elements Your Member Landing Page NEEDS

When a member logs into your website, what do they see? Do you know off the top of your head?

While this page may not seem like a big deal to you (it’s your benefits that matter, right?), it’s actually a HUGE deal for your members - because this is how they access all of those benefits. So if your member landing page isn’t inviting and intuitive, engagement is likely to go down.

That said, what elements does your member landing page need?

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How Your AMS Makes You a Leadership Rock Star!

Posted by Sarah Hill

Your association management system makes your life as an association executive easier. You should be able to tell that from the second your implementation process starts: easier event planning, membership management, an enhanced social community among members, smoother billing and dues renewal, and increased communication just to name a few. But have you considered how all of those advantages are making you look as a leader?

There’s no question: your selection, implementation, and continued used of an AMS was likely a good decision that was necessary for yourself and your members. Think about it: YOU ARE AN ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP ROCK STAR! Here's why:

Why your AMS makes you an association leadership rock star

One stop shop

Your members have only one place to go for communication, collaboration, and information. Can you imagine how difficult it would be if they had to check multiple E-mails (assuming they were saved) just to find out information about a meeting or event?

Master of organization

Calendars are hard to manage for one person, not to mention hundreds or thousands of people, several committees and an executive board. For you to be the head of a shared calendar that is centrally located that everyone can see and contribute to… that just makes you a calendar general. Go you!

Billing like a pro

Dues renewal can be a pain on both ends of the process. It’s easy to forget about! How is a member who may not be quite as engaged supposed to remember when they signed up last year? Your function in sending reminders, invoices, or simply making the renewal process easier is not only good for the health and budget of your association, but is great for your members as well.

Create a creative space

It’s easy to brainstorm and work together when creative minds are face-to-face, but that’s just not convenient. Your members have jobs, families, and lives that usually dictate that they can’t just take time away to get together with association colleagues and come up with great ideas for a few hours. By hooking your association up with an AMS, you are giving your members space to collaborate online, from the convenience of their office or home.

In the know

One of the best ways to be a respected, authentic leader is to know your followers. An Association Management System is a great way to establish those relationships. After an event, you have contact information at your fingertips to reach out, say hello, and solidify that connection.


Getting your AMS was a good move for invoicing, social community, membership management, event planning, and membership engagement. But have you taken a moment to recognize yourself as the awesome leader that put all of that convenience into place? We applaud you!

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