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7 Elements Your Member Landing Page NEEDS

7 Elements Your Member Landing Page NEEDS

When a member logs into your website, what do they see? Do you know off the top of your head?

While this page may not seem like a big deal to you (it’s your benefits that matter, right?), it’s actually a HUGE deal for your members - because this is how they access all of those benefits. So if your member landing page isn’t inviting and intuitive, engagement is likely to go down.

That said, what elements does your member landing page need?

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How to Attend ASAE 2013... Even If You Can't Make it

Posted by Sarah Hill

If you’re anything like us, you are super excited to get to ASAE’s annual meeting here in Atlanta. We know it’s mostly because you want to come see us in our hometown. Just kidding, we know that it’s really about the amazing networking, the useful products and demonstrations, the terrific speakers, and the truly awesome parties.

The only problem: it can get expensive. Attendance badges might not be comfortable with your budget, and once you begin to factor in travel and other expenses it adds up fast. For some small staff association leaders, attendance is on a wish list and some years it simply isn’t possible.

This wide, wonderful world of ours has been brought together with technology, though, and there are several ways to “attend” without actually attending.

 How to attend ASAE even if you don't attend

1)   Follow the hash tag and social media

You may have already noticed on the widely followed (in our world, anyway) #assnchat twitter hash tag that the official ASAE Annual Meeting hash tag is #ASAE13. Right now there’s a lot of buzz, and ASAE is posting some helpful tips and information for attendees. Follow the official conference twitter feed @ASAEAnnual and on facebook here. While you’re keeping up with it, jump in the conversation! You know that association folks love to chat and connect, and relationships can be formed regardless of location.


2)   Keep an eye on the speakers and follow up on the interesting ones

Go to the ASAE Annual Meeting website and check it out, even if you can’t attend. Not only is it a wealth of resources, but the Learning Labs list is coming together. Check out that amazing guy speaking about Small Staff Association Culture on Sunday at 1:30! (Hint: it’s our CEO, Mark Sedgley.) Peruse the topics, add some people to your twitter feed, and make note of the topics that interest you. Many of the speakers will probably post at least part of their presentations, and if not they’ll likely be thrilled to answer any questions you might have!


3)   Attend the small staff shindig (if you’re in Atlanta)

So we’re throwing a party for all of our small staff friends, and if you’re in Atlanta we definitely want you to check it out! Anyone who’s ANYONE will be there so please do stop by for some networking and a little taste of what MemberClicks is all about. Seriously, though, it will be a good time at 6pm on Sunday, August 4th at Stats. For more information, check out www.memberclicks.com/asae.


4)   “Shop” online with the expo hall map

The expo floor is online. How cool is that? Check out this interactive map and just over your pointer over the individual booths for descriptions of the vendor. That way you can virtually wander the floor. (Ahem… pay special attention to booth 424, please.) I bet you any one of those vendors would be thrilled to hear from you if you’re interested and explain more about their product or service regardless of your attendance at the ASAE Annual Meeting. The downfall here is that you can’t throw your business card into a fish bowl to win a Kindle Fire, but who knows? Maybe they’ll let you mail one in. Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!


The point is, you don’t have to miss out on the wealth of resources available at the ASAE 2013 annual meeting. If you can make it, awesome! We look forward to seeing you there! But if not, never fear. You can still have a truly enriching few days at the beginning of August. 

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