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Should You Pursue That New Social Media Platform?

Should You Pursue That New Social Media Platform?

The thing about social media is there are new platforms popping up every. single. day. And what works well for some associations, may not work well for others.

So how do you know which platforms your organization should be using? Three questions tell it all...

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ASAE 2013: A Look at Atlanta

Posted by Sarah Hill

You’re coming to Atlanta in a little more than a week for ASAE. We’ve been going on and on about the spectacular learning experiences you will encounter, the great networking, and the unbelievable parties. But that’s just inside the confines of the ASAE event! Atlanta is an amazing city with so much to offer. So today, we’re going to brag a little bit about MemberClicks’ home town. 

ASAE 2013: A look at Atlanta

The newest, coolest attraction in Atlanta is the Skyview Atlanta Ferris wheel. It just went up in the last week or so, and it gives amazing views of the city in private, climate-controlled gondolas. Conveniently located right next to the Tabernacle where the MultiView party will be hosted and right across from Centennial Olympic Park, be sure to get a ride and experience the city like a bird!

Skyview Atlanta

Speaking of Centennial Olympic Park, that will be another great feature during your ASAE experience. There are several ASAE events taking place there including opening and closing ceremonies, but it’s also a terrific park to just enjoy. Lit up by the city, historic Centennial Park boasts a beautiful amphitheater, walking trails, and an open, lit, fountain of rings. It’s not uncommon to see kids playing in the water throughout the summer, with occasional intermissions for a choreographed show light with dancing fountain water. It’s amazing!

Centennial Olympic Park

Atlanta is also home to the MLB’s Braves and the NFL’s Falcons, two teams located near the downtown area. Both home fields offer tours! Check out the Georgia Dome tours here, and the Turner Field tours here.

Wondering about the Georgia World Congress Center, where you will be spending most of your daylight hours? The GWCC is 3.9 million square feet of meeting space! We probably wont’ take up that much, but I’m sure we’ll make quite a dent in it. It’s within easy walking distance of all of the attractions mentioned above, as well as the ahem Small Staff Shindig at Stats.

Georgia World Congress Center

Let’s talk about the Georgia Aquarium! Home to both the ASAE opening ceremonies and more animals than any other aquarium in the world, there are more than 60 exhibits that give visitors an inside look at what’s in the world’s water from the smallest shrimp to whale sharks. Read more about it here!

Georgia Aquarium

Did you know Atlanta is not only the home of MemberClicks, but also the home of Coca Cola? We like to joke that in Atlanta, you have two options for carbonated beverages: Coke or Nothing. Atlanta is proud to represent our hometown beverage by hosting the World of Coke, an interactive experience that showcases the carbonated beverage at its finest with a detailed history and a taste of Coke products around the world. You can bet ASAE will be there too!

One final brag about the ATL: we’re also home to the world’s news leader, CNN. Also located conveniently on Centennial Park, CNN offers studio tours, which give an inside look into live local and international news. Read more about it here!

There are just too many cool things about Atlanta to name here.  We can’t wait for you to come and see for yourself! And don’t forget, if you want to meet some super refreshing Atlanta natives who would LOVE to show you around, come meet the Clickers at the Small Staff Shindig!

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