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Should You Pursue That New Social Media Platform?

Should You Pursue That New Social Media Platform?

The thing about social media is there are new platforms popping up every. single. day. And what works well for some associations, may not work well for others.

So how do you know which platforms your organization should be using? Three questions tell it all...

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Association Off-Seasons

Posted by Sarah Hill

This weekend while I was out and about enjoying the beautiful weather, I met someone whose job is seasonal. She’s not a professional baseball player or in road construction; she’s in HR for the hospitality industry. Spring and summer is busy for her, she explained. The hotels and restaurants she works with are all looking to hire summer staff and often that involves college students. When they go back to school in the fall, many of the hotels cut back to a skeleton staff and her job dials back as well. Therefore she is considering alternatives to her income, or thinking about going back to school.

This made me wonder: how many associations have an off-season? There are plenty of careers out there, hospitality being just one, that have slower seasons, but does that mean the related association has down time?

Does your association have an off-season?

If your members find themselves with less work during various points in the year, that could be the best thing for your association! It could be a prime opportunity to bump up events and go for engagement and make some decisions and recruit new leaders. Remember that your association has to compete with careers, families, and social lives for time. With a big one, the job, suspended for awhile, this could be your chance to really engage!

Also some members could need a little more TLC during the slow months. A large percentage of the American working population is paycheck-to-paycheck or close to it. Depending on your association, your job center could be a huge resource for connections or work during the off-season. Is there a need for that specific kind of connection in your association? Take a few minutes and chat with some members or your board about ways to pump up that engagement during the off-season if you find that your members could benefit!

Finally, the start of the academic year is a huge opportunity for many associations. Many college chapters are desperate for advisors and waiting to be formed. Capitalize on the early-semester motivation of emerging professionals. Remember that today’s college junior may well be on his or her way to being a powerful leader in your industry or association!

Even if your industry or association has some downtime, try and see the opportunity! But don’t forget to relax a little as well!

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