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Should You Pursue That New Social Media Platform?

Should You Pursue That New Social Media Platform?

The thing about social media is there are new platforms popping up every. single. day. And what works well for some associations, may not work well for others.

So how do you know which platforms your organization should be using? Three questions tell it all...

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Friday Top Five: Millennials and Associations

Posted by Sarah Hill

Gen Y, or the Millennials, are starting to enter and rise up in the workforce, and the association industry is no exception. If you've read anything about Millennials, you probably know that working with them could be... tricky. Here are some resources to help!

Friday Top Five: Associations and Millennialsing 


Millennial business travel by David M Patt

Millennials spend more when traveling on business, says Expedia.
Is that because they want a better traveling experience, they work for companies that will pay for more, they travel more often and they need it, or they think they are entitled to it?


Millennials and Small Staff Associations: A Great Match? By Associations Now 

However you refer to them, there's no denying they're entering the workforce in droves. It's a good thing, too; young professionals have a lot to offer membership organizations. And for millennials just beginning to establish their careers, small-staff associations can be a particularly fulfilling starting point.

How can small-staff associations maximize the value they receive from, and the opportunities they offer to, their young-professional staff?


The Future Of Learning According to Millennials by Samantha Whitehorne

A new study of U.S. college students asked them what they think education will look like in the years to come. What they had to say could affect your association’s meetings and education strategy when it comes to attracting these next-generation attendees.


Check list: Engaging Millennials in Professional Associations & Conferences by The Learning Café

“The oldest Millennials have stepped into adulthood, and are busy raising children, holding public office, becoming entrepreneurs, and working for corporations and not-for-profits. The Learning Café calls them “Generation Y-not?” because this generation packs power and potential. The challenge for leaders is living up to the high standards and expectations the Millennials bring to the workplace.”


3 Reasons why Millennials Look Like Future Association Members by Amanda Batson

“As membership rosters age and retire, the future may be right under the collective association nose:  Millennials.   To attract these young and future members, 1) non-profits must make access and engagement simple yet dynamic; 2)  foster community; and 3) support social responsibility as a core value.  Three good reasons why Millennials look like future association members.”

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