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Should You Pursue That New Social Media Platform?

Should You Pursue That New Social Media Platform?

The thing about social media is there are new platforms popping up every. single. day. And what works well for some associations, may not work well for others.

So how do you know which platforms your organization should be using? Three questions tell it all...

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Google’s New Search Algorithm and What It Means for Your Association

Posted by Callie Walker


On Tuesday, April 21, Google released a new algorithm for searching with a mobile device (cellphone, tablet, etc.). The new algorithm promotes mobile-friendly websites when users are searching from a mobile device and conceals non mobile-friendly sites all together.

That means if your site is not mobile-friendly, it won’t even show up when people are searching from a mobile device. 

Why is Google placing such a big emphasis on mobile-friendly websites? Well, in 2015, the number of mobile users worldwide surpassed desktop users by approximately 200 million people, according to ComScore.com – making mobile-friendly websites a necessity for businesses around the world.  

So the big question for associations then is how do I adapt?

Well, first and foremost, your site must be mobile-friendly. The easiest way to do this is by switching your existing website to a responsive design. This will help your website show up in mobile searches and allow your members to easily interact with your site via phones and tablets. Even better, it prevents you from having to design multiple websites to support various devices. (Insert sigh of relief here.)

If you’re looking to switch to a responsive web design, MemberClicks has several great options to choose from. Just visit our website to check them out!

For more tips on making your website mobile friendly, check out Business Journal’s Exclusive Survival Guide for Google’s Mobile Algorithm

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