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Which of These Volunteer Trends Will You Try This Year?

Asking for volunteers and really getting the most out of their activity can be a struggle. Everyone feels the “there are only so many hours in a day” sentiment, your members included. It can be difficult for them to commit to yet another regularly scheduled activity - let alone give it their all when it comes after a crazy day at the office.

It becomes quite the conundrum when your association relies on volunteers to provide certain benefits, or even to function. If you can identify with these difficulties, it might be time to rethink your association’s volunteer structure. Take a look at these trends and think about how they could fit into (or even replace!) the ways you currently drum up volunteers:

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Meet the Help Team!

Posted by Colleen Bottorff

Meet the Help Team

Not all heroes wear capes. These Clickers are kind, patient, and so dedicated that they come in early, stay late, and work weekends with smiles on their faces. They always go the extra mile and collaborate so seamlessly, they notify each other before stepping away for even 5 minutes. All of this, in the name of ensuring that you receive a quick, effective solution and can get on with your day. (Humble brag alert -) With a current satisfaction rating of 97%, we do have a reputation to maintain!

Everyone, meet the Help team!

Chandra headshot-022104-editedChandra Andersen
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: Transparency

Fun fact: I make a mean dairy-free hot chocolate.

me-2-054272-editedChris Byess
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: Shockingly Refreshing

Fun fact: I can lick my elbow.

20180206_154734 (1)-634819-edited

Danielle Chappell
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: Transparency! Living this value out at work just helps me live it out even further in my personal life. Pushes me to be a better me!

Fun fact: I hula hoop! It's great exercise and brings me a lot of passion! 

slackpic-183784-editedJosh Dobbs
Product Expert, Tier 2

Favorite MC Value: Transparency

Fun fact:  I spent a summer as a carny spinning the Money Wheel at a fairground midway. 

icecream-217316-editedRay Douglass
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: Work Hard, Play Hard

Fun fact: Tequila is my summer drink. Interests include photography, football, and basketball.

foreman_gregory-243250-editedGregory Foreman
Product Expert, Tier 2

Favorite MC Value: Work Hard, Play Hard

Fun fact: Hmmmm...I weighed 11 5lbs 5 years ago...as an adult...

prfo-pic-275408-editedBritt Gaston
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: Forgiveness. I can't think of a time when I've needed it but it's great to know that I will be forgiven if I make a mistake.

Fun fact: A relative of mine, with whom I share the same name, jumped out of the stands at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and ran around the bases with Hank Aaron when he hit his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth's all-time record.

12658007_10204496949738452_1859586639646269901_o-457162-editedSam Hoy
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: Transparency, because I love truth, honesty, and ghosts (who are transparent).

Fun fact: I still have the ticket stubs from the first time I saw the Lord of the Rings movies in theatres.

RH in PR new-989728-editedRyan Hurst
Director, Help Team

Favorite MC Value: Collaboration. I love working with my peers to solve for our customers. 

Fun fact:  I'm a sneaker junky. Really shoes in general. Can't have enough pair and enjoy wearing them all!


Me - Amy Jorgenson-519976-editedAmy Jorgenson
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: I have two - Transparency & Forgiveness.

Fun fact: My parents shockingly allowed me to get my bellybutton pierced when I was 11, which, now having a daughter, I would not let her do! Ha!

me-550968-editedJon Massy
Product Expert, Tier 2

Favorite MC Value: Achievement through Collaboration

Fun fact: I was in an episode of MSNBC’s ‘Lockup’!

Charlie-583982-editedCharlie McAlpine
Product Expert, Tier 2

Favorite MC Value: Work hard, play hard

Fun fact: I was my college football team's mascot (Troy University).

IMG_2088 - Micheal Muller-612237-editedMike Muller
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: It's not technically a value but I love the "heart for service" part of our mission.

Fun fact: I coach softball for WHA schools  in the summer - my daughter is on the team.

chad roberts-906399-editedChad Roberts
Product Expert

Favorite MC Value: Take it Personally

Fun fact: I can solve the Rubik's without looking at it 100% of the time.

10435411_10205117817290641_2594231116165079081_n - Roger Sum-975863-editedRoger Sum
Product Expert, Tier 2

Favorite MC Value: Autonomy

Fun fact: I live in Squamish, BC, Canada situated between Vancouver and Whistler. It's the outdoor recreation capital of the world where you can mountain bike, wind surf, rock climb, snow shoe, and back country ski, all in the same day! Despite all of this, I am extremely afraid of heights.

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How to Engage Your Event Attendees

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How to Engage Your Event Attendees

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