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Fresh Webinar Formats

Fresh Formats for Your Association's Webinars

Webinars are a GREAT way to engage members and potential members...as long as you can get people to register.

To drive registrations, your webinar must be interesting, convenient, and valuable. Now the trickiest part of that series is probably the “interesting” part. What makes a webinar interesting, aside from the topic? Well a major factor is the format.

To keep your members (and potential members) on their toes, consider experimenting with these fresh webinar formats:

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Meet the Training and Customer Success Teams!

Posted by Colleen Bottorff

Meet Training and Customer Success

Never fear, Training and Customer Success are here! These teams are constantly working to make sure that you are all getting the absolute most out of your system, based on your unique needs.

Whether you need a database consultation, would like to take advantage of one of our professional services, are interested in hands-on training opportunities, or would simply like to talk to someone who’s been in your shoes (because half of this team has worked in an association or chamber) - these are the Clickers you’re looking for!

LauraAlin-309708-editedLaura Alin
Customer Success Manager

Favorite MC Value: Collaboration

Fun fact: I’m fluent in French! I even taught at a French summer camp here in the US for years.

JeffCashman-493140-editedJeff Cashman
Senior Customer Success Manager

Favorite MC Value: Forgiveness. The whole world needs to practice this daily.

Fun fact: One of my college scholarships was for livestock judging.

MarySueFindlater-631459-editedMary Sue Findlater
Customer Success Manager

Favorite MC Value: Autonomy. It's so nice to know we are trusted in our work. I think it gives us the confidence to be better and work harder.

Fun fact: Before I came to MemberClicks, I used to be a Delta flight attendant! People always want to know about my most unruly passenger.

JayFitzmaurice-762040-editedJay Fitzmaurice
Training Lead

Favorite MC Value: Transparency

Fun fact:  I've lost the same tooth twice - three sets of teeth hanging out in there.

JacqueShaffer-872091-editedJacque Shaffer
Director of Training

Favorite MC Value: Combo of Transparency and Forgiveness.

Fun fact: I live and breathe country life. I love hunting, fishing, riding (four wheeling, etc. for those unfamiliar), motorcycles, camping, and pretty much anything outdoors. And of course this also includes being an absolute country music fanatic!

TaoStadler-210517-editedTao Stadler
Director of Customer Success

Favorite MC Value: Take it Personally. As a former customer and association executive, I have a soft spot for what it's like trying to run an association and get your AMS to be a valuable resource in that endeavor. I love helping clients work miracles with their software and started the FUGA (Feature Usage Gap Analysis) process to help make sure every client gets the most from the MemberClicks system. FUGA is also why I wear this amazing suit...you'll see, at MC LIVE!

Fun fact: I paid my way through college by working in salmon canneries in Alaska for 4 years.

If you’re wondering if your organization is using its system to its fullest potential, consider joining us in Indianapolis this October 10 - 12 for MC LIVE! The FUGA Shack will be open for business, where one of our Customer Success Managers will review your organization’s personal usage report card and show you how to activate the software features you’re not currently utilizing - but should be, in order to drive more member acquisition, engagement, and retention!

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