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Are Your Vendors Engaged? Would You Like Them to Be?

Are Your Vendors Engaged? Would You Like Them to Be?

Rumor has it, in some association circles, trade show attendance is struggling. This could spell trouble for how vendor members find value in belonging to your organization. While some industries may be feeling the pain more than others, it is never a bad time to think about the ways you are engaging your vendor/supplier members. Read on for a handful of ideas on engaging your vendor-side members in effective and successful ways.

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The Right Time to Buy: Preparing for the AMS Shopping Process

Posted by Callie Walker


Are you thinking about purchasing an association management system, or AMS, in 2017? Well if you are, now is the time to get started.

Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s only August. I still have plenty of time! But I urge you to reconsider, as there are several factors you’ll want to take into account:

1. It’s a busy time of year and the holidays are approaching

School is back in session (or about to be) and things are starting to pick up again. Plus, in just a few months, we’ll be entering the official holiday season - and we all know how crazy that can be. People will likely be out of the office, and that can slow things WAY down. That said, in order to compensate, you’ll want to get a head start.

2. Board approval can take a while

If you’re thinking about getting an AMS (whether for the first time or switching systems), you’ll need board approval. And let’s face it, that can sometimes take a while. So if you want to be up and running early in the year, you’ll need to get on your board’s radar ASAP.

(Note: If you want an AMS but aren’t sure how to approach your board, check out our free guide, How to Get Your Board on Board When Shopping for an AMS.)

3. The shopping process and implementation both take time

Last but not least, it’s important to consider timelines for shopping and implementation. In our experience, it usually takes about 60 days from the time an association executive begins shopping to the time they actually purchase a solution. Then from there, it’s usually about another 60 day process until they’re up and running.

That already puts you at fourth months - and that’s not factoring in the holidays or board approval.

Now we don’t say this to discourage you; we just say it to prepare you. The beginning of the year is a popular time to want to get started with an AMS solution. So if that’s your plan for 2017, we highly encourage you to start the process now.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to shopping for an AMS? Let us help! Check out our free guide, Selecting the Right Association Management System, below!

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