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6 Online Engagement Hacks for Association Professionals

6 Online Engagement Hacks for Association Professionals

Member engagement is top-of-mind for most association professionals. But when it comes to actually making that happen, well, roadblocks often occur. Sometimes what we THINK will appeal to members and potential members doesn’t, and we’re left scratching our heads.

Engagement is tough - we get it. So to help you out, we’ve put together six online engagement hacks for association professionals:

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Making Big Events Feel Small Again: 3 Tips for Association Pros

If your annual meeting or event keeps growing, first of all, that’s AMAZING news! You put so much time and energy into planning that event, and the fact that people not only want to attend but are attending is huge.

That said, the bigger your event gets, the harder it can sometimes be to engage attendees. It’s harder to chat with them face-to-face, to encourage small group discussions, to get them to attend big happy hours/networking events, etc.

So what’s trick? How do you make your big event still feel somewhat small? We’ve got a few tips:

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Association Professionals: Are Your Educational Sessions “Diverse” Enough?

Education is likely one of your association’s biggest offerings. And it’s likely at the heart of your annual meeting or conference. (People attend to network and learn.)

But here’s a question: Are your educational sessions diverse enough for attendees? And we don’t necessarily mean in terms of content, but rather, in terms of format.

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How to Plan a Virtual Conference at Your Association: 5 Steps

We recently wrote a blog post about the benefits of hosting a virtual conference at your association. But let’s say you do decide to host one. What happens next? How do you actually plan and execute an online event?

We’ve taken the process and broken it down into five specific steps:

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Event Mishaps: Lessons from the Oscars’ Best Picture Mistake

Whether or not you watched the Oscars last week, you probably heard about the big (and pretty uncomfortable) Best Picture mistake. To recap, La La Land was first declared the winner, but while the team was onstage accepting the award, it was discovered that Moonlight had actually won.

Awkward. (See below.)

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How to Find Sponsors for Your Association’s Event

We all know the importance of event sponsors - they’re the ones who make our events possible, plain and simple.

But finding event sponsors? That’s a whole different story. Where do you even begin? How do you find potential candidates, and more importantly, once you do, how do you encourage them to participate?

We’ve got some tips:

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The Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Conference at Your Association

It’s no secret that in this day and age, everything’s going digital. Meetings, events, methods of communication - you name it, it’s all going online.

That said, is an online event, such as a virtual conference, something your association should consider? What exactly are the benefits of hosting a virtual conference versus a traditional, in-person event?

Well, as it turns out, there are several. Take a look!

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6 Questions to Ask Your Members BEFORE Planning an Event

We all know the importance of asking for feedback - and most of us are pretty good at actually doing so. But what about asking for input? Are we doing that enough?

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7 Event Planning Details That Associations Often Overlook

The devil is in the details. We’ve all heard it, and most of us have lived it. But what details, in regards to event planning, tend to trip association professionals up the most? We’ve got seven:

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Your 2017 Conference Survival Guide

Ready or not, conference season is just about here! But don’t panic. No matter how big the conference you’re attending is, we’ve got a guide to help you get through it. Behold, your 2017 conference survival guide!

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Event Feedback: 9 Questions You NEED to Ask Your Attendees

You hear us talk a LOT about the importance of post-event surveys - and we stand by that. But that then begs the question: What should you ask your attendees?

We realize putting together a post-event survey takes time (which you likely don’t have a lot of), so to help you out, we’ve put together nine questions you NEED to ask your attendees (plus, how to structure those individual questions).

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