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Fresh Webinar Formats

Fresh Formats for Your Association's Webinars

Webinars are a GREAT way to engage members and potential members...as long as you can get people to register.

To drive registrations, your webinar must be interesting, convenient, and valuable. Now the trickiest part of that series is probably the “interesting” part. What makes a webinar interesting, aside from the topic? Well a major factor is the format.

To keep your members (and potential members) on their toes, consider experimenting with these fresh webinar formats:

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How to Simplify Speaker Selection with an Abstract Management Tool

While conferences are exciting to plan and execute, the actual process of sifting through and managing your submissions for session presenters can often be incredibly daunting. Without a system in place, you’re looking at hours of work between reading them, organizing your review team, gathering feedback and ensuring that selections are made fairly, timely and securely.

That’s where abstract management comes into play! Abstract management tools take all of that headache away and more, allowing you to manage submissions - and their reviews - with ease. Here are just a few ways that using an abstract management solution will save your association staff time (and energy) this conference season:

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How to Start a National Awareness Day for Your Association

Developing a national day to annually rally around your industry (or a related cause) is an excellent way to boost awareness for both your organization and its mission. Not only will this help with member engagement, but you’ll also be working toward starting a larger conversation about something important to you, your members and your industry. Bonus? You’ll be giving the public a platform and the resources they need to talk about it (for some of that invaluable word-of-mouth marketing).

But oh boy - where to even begin?! It may sound daunting, but in a world where International Talk Like a Pirate Day exists and is successful (yes, this is a real thing), we’re confident you can pull it off. Our advice: start small and grow it! Here are a few steps to get you going - who knows, 2018 could be the inaugural year!

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7 Ways a Conference App Adds Value to Your Event

Having a conference app just for your event is a seriously powerful tool. They are designed to get more attendee engagement - all while providing a refreshing experience. Plus, when you have a go-to partner to lean on for your conference app needs, you can focus on the content and event planning.

We’ve identified seven major benefits to creating an app dedicated solely to your conference. As you read, think about how each of these benefits would make your biggest annual event easier to manage!

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How to Find Event Sponsors That Are a Perfect Fit

Or as I like to call them: your Goldilocks Sponsors. These are the companies that just belong at your event. They aren’t providing products or services that are beyond your members’ needs...and making sense of their presence isn’t a stretch, either. Nope, they are - say it with me - juuuust right!

We get it, sponsors are important for throwing a successful event - necessary, even! Additional funding can go a long way for bringing your event to the next level, so usually this is a “the more the merrier” situation. But by doing your due diligence when hunting for sponsorships, you’ll be providing better quality connections for your members. And isn’t that what it’s all about? As you start planning your next big event, consider these tips for creating a more meaningful, value-driven experience for all:

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4 Ways to Engage Your Conference Attendees

Planning a conference is one thing. But then, there’s the execution. And while a lot of little details are somewhat in your hands - what food you serve, what music you play, what topics are covered during educational sessions, etc. - there are some things that just...aren’t.

Prime example: Whether or not your attendees ACTUALLY engage with you and the activities you have planned.

Now there’s no way to force attendee engagement (sorry!), but there are a few tactics to help boost it. Here are four, in particular:

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Pay Attention to These Details for Ultimate Event Engagement

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting all hyped up for an event, and then feeling awkward and unsure about what to do the second you arrive. Or worse - going to purchase a ticket, and having such a lousy registration experience that you completely give up on the idea of attending all together.

Events are crucial to association life; no matter the size or purpose, each one should be given the white glove treatment of member experience. You want to make it as easy as possible for any member to attend, all while making sure they get the intended value out of the content you’re presenting...talk about pressure!

Given some attention, these 17 details could mean the difference between a typical event experience, and something truly refreshing for your attendees. Try them as you prepare for your next few events and see how they impact member engagement over time!

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8 Ways to Engage and Promote Your Members with Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was started in 2010 by American Express to help promote the little guy after the fallout from the 2008 recession. The financial services company recognized that while everyone was struggling to navigate the economic turmoil, many small business owners in particular just didn’t have access to the same resources to stay afloat, let alone compete.

And then they found a way to totally disrupt something consumers hold dear: our holiday spending habits.

Once reserved for big box retailers, American Express gave small business owners the perfect way to capitalize on one of the biggest money-making weekends of the entire year. Now occurring every Saturday following Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday has helped generate billions in revenue and sparked a national conversation about the importance of supporting your community by shopping local.

In the spirit of community, read on for some ways that chambers, associations and nonprofits can help prepare their members for a successful Small Business Saturday on November 25th!

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Helping Your Members Justify Conference Attendance

You likely put a lot of work into your conference marketing - explaining the benefits to get your members to attend. But what if the real challenge isn’t convincing your members there’s value, it’s convincing their bosses?

Yup, many people need approval not only to have those expenses covered (which is the biggest hurdle), but to be out of the office in general.

...and that can be a tough sell (ESPECIALLY if that company/organization is short-staffed).

To help your members out, consider putting together a few collateral pieces they can use to pitch your conference to their bosses. Think of it like a conference justification toolkit.

What should go in that toolkit, exactly? Here are a few ideas:

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5 Things You Should Aim to “Get” at Your Next Meeting or Trade Show

Your annual meeting or trade show is a BIG opportunity for your association. Not only is it a primary way to raise revenue, but it’s a huge opportunity to engage your members and attract potential members.

But believe it or not, there’s even more opportunity at your annual meeting or trade show than just that! Because you’ll be around members (and potentially prospects), you’ll have the opportunity to obtain several valuable items that you can then use at your association throughout the year.

Here are five things you should aim to “get” at your next meeting or trade show:

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How to Engage Your Event Attendees

You spend a lot of time - and money - planning your association’s events. So naturally, you want them to be successful and for your attendees to be engaged.

But how? How do you make sure your attendees are having a good time and engaged in your sessions/activities?

Here are a few tips:

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