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Are Your Vendors Engaged? Would You Like Them to Be?

Are Your Vendors Engaged? Would You Like Them to Be?

Rumor has it, in some association circles, trade show attendance is struggling. This could spell trouble for how vendor members find value in belonging to your organization. While some industries may be feeling the pain more than others, it is never a bad time to think about the ways you are engaging your vendor/supplier members. Read on for a handful of ideas on engaging your vendor-side members in effective and successful ways.

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Trends Revealed: How to Get More from Your Association’s Blog

Posted by Callie Walker


It’s no secret that we love blogging, so when we saw Atomic Reach’s 2016 Blog Content Performance Trends, we just HAD to read them! After all, we want to know 1) How long our blog posts should be, 2) What makes a compelling title, and 3) How to get more shares. Atomic Reach’s new report provides us with ALL that information - and more!

In fact, here are a few key takeaways from the report:

  • High-quality blog content generates 12 times more leads per month and 7 times more traffic.
  • Articles between 500 - 700 words outperform shorter and longer content.
  • The ideal length of a blog post is increasing into the 70+ sentence range.
  • Titles containing 31 - 60 characters receive the most page views. (A point of note: Google displays approximately 60 characters of a title in a search results page, correlating directly with reader engagement data.)
  • Use of a 2nd person pronoun can increase page views by as much as 200 percent. (Using pronouns personalizes the title and the experience for the reader.)
  • When used appropriately, superlatives can increase title engagement by more than 300 percent.
  • Longer form content performs better on social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

So what can we learn from all this? Well, first and foremost, blogging is still so so SO important. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get your association’s content out there. But in order to maximize the impact of your posts, you need to pay close attention to title length and blog length. In fact, the way you word/structure your title plays a big role in engagement, so make sure to spend some time there.

If you have a blog but struggle to come up with ideas, check out our post, 25 Blog Post Ideas for Your Small-Staff Association.

Want more ideas for engaging your members online - via blogging and other tactics? Check out our free Member Engagement Guide below!

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