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7 Elements Your Member Landing Page NEEDS

7 Elements Your Member Landing Page NEEDS

When a member logs into your website, what do they see? Do you know off the top of your head?

While this page may not seem like a big deal to you (it’s your benefits that matter, right?), it’s actually a HUGE deal for your members - because this is how they access all of those benefits. So if your member landing page isn’t inviting and intuitive, engagement is likely to go down.

That said, what elements does your member landing page need?

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You Are What You Tweet: Harnessing the Power of Twitter for Your Organization

Posted by Callie Walker


Everything you say and do on Twitter reflects how the rest of the world sees your organization. Talk about a lot of pressure...

But fear not! We’ve got some tips to help you harness the power of Twitter for your organization. Take a look!

  • You're limited to 140 characters here, so always keep your tweets short and concise.
  • Brevity is key. “Txt slang” is acceptable, but don’t abbreviate too much: it may take away from the credibility of your message.
  • Follow people who influence your industry as well people you want to influence.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule – 80 percent information sharing, 20 percent promotion. People will tune you out if you focus too much on yourself.
  • If you have any interesting statistics on hand, tweet them! Stats typically get the most retweets.
  • When possible, try to include an image or video to make your tweets stand out. Tweets with images are 35 percent more likely to get retweeted than those with text only. Similarly, tweets with videos get a 28 percent boost.
  • Always include a well-chosen, industry-related hashtag in your posts. Hashtags are extremely valuable because they expose your organization to an even larger audience. 
  • If you’re talking about someone on Twitter, always use their Twitter handle (@username). It’s just polite and people want to know when you’re talking about them. Not to mention, it’s kind of an ego-boost!
  • keep an eye out for trending topics. If you see something that can be related back to your organization – even if it’s a little far-fetched – use the hashtag and join in on the fun!

Want to know more tips for social media success? Download our free social media guide below!


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