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Are Your Vendors Engaged? Would You Like Them to Be?

Are Your Vendors Engaged? Would You Like Them to Be?

Rumor has it, in some association circles, trade show attendance is struggling. This could spell trouble for how vendor members find value in belonging to your organization. While some industries may be feeling the pain more than others, it is never a bad time to think about the ways you are engaging your vendor/supplier members. Read on for a handful of ideas on engaging your vendor-side members in effective and successful ways.

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Your Secret Weapon to Successful Member Engagement

Posted by Callie Walker


If you’re an association professional, you probably hear varying advice all the time about how to best engage your members. One day it’s all about Instagram, then the next day, video blogs. Heck, you’ve heard it all just short of carrier pigeons and a parade. 

But let us a fill you in on a little secret: some of the best engagement strategies are the ones that have been around for years. That’s right, we’re talking about email.

Email marketing is extremely popular with associations and, if done right, can be your secret weapon to successful member engagement.

For small-staff associations, there are two great ways to capitalize on email communications:

  • Newsletters - Newsletters are a great way to build relationships and maintain regular contact with your members. They’re also a great way to increase awareness and communicate all of the cool happenings within your association. 
  • Automated member renewal noticesMembers disengage with associations for a variety of reasons, but sometimes it’s simply because they forget to pay their dues. To prevent this from happening, try sending out automated member renewal notices when members get close to expiration. This is especially easy to do with the help of an association management system. 

However, no matter what types of emails you’re sending out, there are a few best practices for email communications:

  • Be relevantShare information your members want and need. Think along the lines of job openings, free webinars, and other educational opportunities that might be of interest to your members.
  • Keep it short - No matter how great your email copy is, if it’s too long, no one will read it. Keep it short with the most important information at the top. 
  • Have a great subject lineThink of your subject line like a headline on a newspaper. It should be relevant, interesting, and accurate without being too over the top. After all, you don’t want your email to come across as spam.
  • Be strategic about how often you send out emailsThe Golden Rule of email marketing is to send them out in moderation. If members receive 5 emails a week from you, they’ll start to tune you out and miss important information.

Want more tips for successful member engagement? Download our free member engagement guide below!

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