So you’ve done your research and decided that a conference app would be a beneficial addition to your events. Now that you’ve settled on a platform, it’s time to start populating the app with information!

It can seem overwhelming, but the good news is that you likely have all of this information already. It’s just a matter of getting it all in one place for a quick and easy app development process! Here’s a list of things to gather when you’re ready to start building out your conference app:

1. Your organization’s branding materials – colors, logos, etc. Take some time to decide exactly how you want your brand to be represented in-app. 

Tip: You’ll want most elements to remain consistent to your regular branding so your attendees know they have the right event app and make the connection across platforms.

2. The agenda and session descriptions – the conference app should reflect the same information as what is being promoted on your website, or what will be listed in a printed agenda on-site. Don’t worry – if things change, most app platforms have easy updating functionality!

3. Speaker images and bios – much like the agenda, the speaker images and bios in your app should be similar to what is on your website, etc. That said, consider including some fun facts or videos that will connect attendees to the speakers while they wait for sessions to start.

4. Post-session survey questions – a survey should be associated with every single session, and automatically push out as soon as it ends. Come up with your list of 5 – 10 quick questions that apply to every session and have those pre-populated in the app. (One less thing to worry about in the days leading up to it!)

5. Venue map(s) – create a version of your map(s) that can be easily viewed on any phone. You’ll especially want to ensure that any text is readable! Having quick access to venue map(s) will be key for keeping attendees flowing throughout the conference.

6. Sponsor logos and URLs – all of your sponsors should be represented within the app (usually in some kind of sponsor section). Be sure you have high resolution logos and their website URL, plus any other collateral from sponsors who were promised more in-app perks.

7. Up-to-date attendee listif your app can connect to your database or another location with an attendee list, make sure it’s updated and accurate before the app launches. That way when you start promoting, attendees will be able to see themselves and each other right away! 

Bonus: If you’re using the MemberClicks Conference App it’ll self-update as more attendees are added, so you’ll only have to give it a brief check the first time.

8. Your event’s hashtag – determine this ahead of time so that all of your promotional social media content gets aggregated into the in-app feed! Attendees who download the app ahead of time will be able to see everything in one place, share posts, and get hyped for what’s to come.

9. In-app notifications – sit down with your team to pre-determine what in-app notifications you know you’ll want to send, and get those loaded and ready to go. Really consider what would make for the best attendee experience here. Of course you can add more as needed, but again this is one more thing you can get out of the way ahead of time.

10. Info for non-session activities – are you hosting a dinner, networking event, or some kind of entertainment off-site? You’ll want to include copy (and any images) for that too: a description, transportation information, what they can expect as far as food and beverages, etc.

If you, on the other hand, haven’t selected a conference app platform for your remaining 2018 events, we hope you’ll consider MemberClicks’ Conference App! It legitimately can house all of the event information you’d want your attendees to know, making for a more engaging experience – while eliminating headaches for you. Take a look on your own time by downloading our demo app (available on both Android devices and iPhone devices)!