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6 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Association or Chamber in 2019

When we talk about the new year and what that means for us - both personally and professionally - we often talk about what we’re going to do. But to achieve success, sometimes we need to pinpoint the activities and behaviors that are bad for us; the things we’re not going to do.

What mistakes should association and chamber professionals avoid in 2019? We’ve identified six:

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3 Tips for Selecting an AMS

Posted by Callie Walker


So you’ve decided that your association needs a new association management system. You’ve researched vendors, contacted possible candidates and even sat through what seems like endless product demos. But despite all of your hard work, you’re still at a loss for what AMS to choose.   

If this sounds like you, don’t panic. There are still several steps you can take to help narrow down the selection:

Review customer testimonials

As you may have noticed in your initial research, many vendors have sections on their websites devoted to customer testimonials. Take some time to read through these, but understand that some vendors select only the best comments to display, so don’t formulate an opinion based on these alone.  

Check out discussion forums

Whether they’re hosted by a vendor or a third-party site, discussion forums are worth checking out. Unlike customer testimonials, discussion forums will allow you to see what customers are asking and complaining about, as well as how vendors are responding, if at all.

Review third-party sites

Third-party sites, such as www.capterra.com, are perhaps the best source of honest feedback. These sites feature user reviews – both good and bad – to help you get an accurate picture of various software providers. 

We understand that evaluating association management software can seem overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’ve put together a foolproof guide to selecting the right AMS for your association. For more quick tips for selecting an AMS, download our free guide below!

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