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Engaging First-Time Conference Attendees

Engaging First-Time Conference Attendees: 4 Tactics to Try

Of course you want to provide an exceptional experience for ALL of your conference attendees, but ensuring that happens for your first-time attendees is particularly important. Their decision to attend future events (and possibly even renew their membership) depends heavily on that first experience, so going the extra mile for those folks, in particular, is certainly worth it.

What does “going the extra mile” for your first-time attendees look like? Here are a few tactics worth trying:

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4 Tips for Soothing Member Burnout

Posted by Callie Walker

How to Soothe Burnout.jpg

We’re nearing the end of the year, and your members (and staff) may be starting to feel a little burned out. That’s natural. But don’t neglect or brush off those feelings, otherwise you could end up pushing your members away.

Instead, to help soothe some of that end-of-year burnout, check out these four tips:

1. Lay off just a tad

Now we’re not saying to disappear completely, but cut back a little bit on your communications/requests. Your members are likely busy with end-of-year projects, holiday parties, family vacations, etc., and the more you ask them to do/give, the more stressed out they’re likely to be. Plus, with dues renewal season right around the corner, the last thing you want is to push them away now.

2. Practice positive messaging

When you do reach out to your members, be positive! If you’re sending out a newsletter or a holiday email, keep the language happy and light. Showcase gratitude and thank your members for a wonderful year. And don’t hesitate to call out specific people who’ve gone above and beyond. A little congratulations can go a long way towards alleviating stress, even if it’s just for a moment.

3. Remind members of your value

While you’re congratulating people, feel free to brag on yourself a little too. Mention a few highlights from the past year and point out big wins for both your members and your association. Re-emphasizing your association’s value is a good way to remind overwhelmed members that the hustle and bustle that sometimes occurs is ultimately worth it.

4. Plan something entirely for fun

Last but not least, plan something fun for your members! Drop the business for a little bit and allow them to enjoy themselves and the company of your other members. Consider hosting a holiday party or an association-sponsored happy hour. This can be a lot of fun for your members, and not to mention, a big relief.

Want more tips for keeping your members happy and engaged, even towards the end of the year? Check out our free guide, Member Engagement for Small-Staff Associations, below!

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