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Questions to Add to Member Application

4 Questions to Consider Adding to Your Online Member Application

Having a soon-to-be member fill out a member application on your organization’s website is exciting. More interest! More growth!

But in addition to it being an exciting process, it’s also a great opportunity for your organization to gather information that can help with engagement and retention, as well as future recruitment efforts...as long as you ask the right questions.

In fact, here are four questions you may want to consider adding to your online member application moving forward:  

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8 Simple Ways to Make Your Staff Members Happy

Posted by Callie Walker


Not only is happiness good for the soul, but it’s good for business too. If your staff members are happy, they’ll work harder - and stay with your organization longer.

Not sure how to make your staff members happy? Try these eight tactics:

  1. Recognize hard work - Everyone wants to be recognized, especially when they put a lot of time and effort into something. When one of your staff members excels, take time to recognize them, whether it be at your next meeting, in your monthly newsletter, via a company-wide email, etc.
  2. Create an enjoyable atmosphere - Sure, work is work, but that’s not to say it can’t be fun sometimes. Create an enjoyable space for your staff members by allowing them to dress down on occasion, providing them with a break room, playing uplifting music, etc.
  3. Provide them with the resources they need to excel - When people don’t have the resources they need, they often get frustrated - and leave. That’s the last thing you want, so to avoid that outcome, provide your staff members with the resources they need. This may mean ongoing training or help with a project, but either way, make sure to deliver.
  4. Play around with incentives - You may not have a lot of money to offer your employees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer them other things. For example, flexible work hours, dress-down Fridays, summer Fridays, etc. Things like this make people genuinely appreciative.
  5. Celebrate the little things - We talked about recognizing hard work, but in addition to that, make it a point to celebrate other things - birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, etc. These things matter to your employees, so they should matter to you too.
  6. Arrange frequent surprises - Every once in awhile, try surprising your staff members with breakfast or a special team lunch. When things aren’t expected, they’re often appreciated more.
  7. Coordinate fun office events - You want your staff members to have friends at work. The more friends they have, the more likely they are to stay. To encourage those types of relationships, try coordinating fun office events - a happy hour, a game night, etc.
  8. Ask - and deliver - Not sure what your staff members want from you? Ask! But more importantly, deliver on those requests (within reason, of course). When your staff members feel heard, they feel valued and respected.

Now association leadership is more than just managing your staff members. You have to manage your members as well! Need help on that front? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Membership Management below. It’s filled with best practices regarding member acquisition, engagement, retention, etc. And even better, it’s free!

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