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Prevent Your Members from Going Dark

How to Prevent Your Members from "Going Dark" This Holiday Season

Engaging your members throughout the year is hard enough. But throw in the holidays, and it often feels downright impossible.

Your members are on vacation, enjoying time with their loved ones, taking a much needed break from their jobs/professions - and rightfully so!

So how can your association or chamber still engage with members, even during the busy holiday season? Here are a few tips:

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9 Ideas for a More Fun and Fulfilling 2019

December 31 seems to creep up faster and faster every year. While resolutions aren’t for everyone, I think we can all agree that a new year is the perfect time to start fresh with something, whether that’s a new initiative at the office or working on something a little more personal.

Not sure what direction to take as far as 2019 resolutions go? We’ve put together a few fun ideas for you to consider:  

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30 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Association Event

Events are a great member benefit but can become a huge expense without proper planning. Here are 30 great ways to consider saving money:

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The Why Behind Our Regional Training Events

If you’ve been reading MC Insider (and our emails) over the past year, you’ve probably noticed us talking a bit about Regional Training. And you may have also noticed a theme: We like to ask you about your “why,” and share ours, too!

Since Regional Training (where we come to your neighborhood for two days of in-depth software training sessions) may be new to many of you, we wanted to take a moment and explain the “why” behind regularly hosting these events:

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How to Use Disney Magic to Increase Member Retention

If you’ve ever been to any Disney park, you KNOW they go above and beyond to provide an exceptional customer experience. What makes their approach so special is Cast Members (aka, park employees) are given the authority to go above and beyond for guests.

To give you an example of something I experienced personally: It was my son’s very first time at Disney World in Orlando, and he was SO excited to explore the Star Wars area. It was a particularly busy day, so when it came to meeting characters he had to choose between Kylo Ren and Chewbacca. He ended up choosing Kylo Ren because, as he informed us, he’s “his biggest fan.”

Afterward, we were looking at some of the movie props in the building when a Cast Member struck a conversation with my husband. When he mentioned that we didn’t have time to meet Chewie, the Cast Member simply said “Follow me,” and walked us straight to the front of the line! (True story, I have the pictures to prove it.)

This small act made all the difference for the then 7-year-old - and us, too! And it wouldn’t be difficult to apply some of the same principals at your association. What unexpected gestures can you do for members to show them that you care? We have some ideas:

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Meet the Onboarding Team!

It’s quite likely that you have a great relationship with at least one person on this list. After all, as a MemberClicks customer, you once went through (or perhaps are currently in) our onboarding process! So as a customer, you know that this team takes great care to ensure that your system is all set and your staff is comfortable by the time launch comes around.

And while you may know one of our Onboarding Specialists very well, we have quite a few who are all just as dedicated as yours. Introducing, the MemberClicks Onboarding Team!

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Mark Your Calendars! November and December Training & Events

Here we go, everyone: Last couple of months of 2018! It’s the perfect time to settle down at your computer with a coffee or hot cocoa and brush up on your software skills with some training.

Or will we see you out and about? There’s still a ton happening in the trade show and conference world! Check out where we’ll be:

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5 Nightmares You'll Avoid with Association Management Software

Managing any type of organization comes with its pitfalls. Enter, technology. It’s built to make your life easier and avoid those pitfalls at all costs! This Halloween season has us thinking: What nightmares could YOU avoid by using the right association management software?

Here are a few we think are worth mentioning:

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4 Things to Include in a Call for Submissions

At some point, your association will likely need to solicit submissions of some kind. Depending on the nature of your organization, it could be for any number of things:

  • Papers, abstracts, or posters for a medical conference
  • Speakers or presenters for a trade show
  • Nominees for your annual awards
  • Scholarship or grant recipients

No matter the call, it’s important that you include all of the right information in your communication. Gathering everything up front means being able to easily manage the selection process, and revisit what went well and what could improve when the same event comes around next year. Here’s what we recommend including in any call for submissions communication:

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3 Reasons to Use Your Advocacy Efforts for Member Recruitment

In today’s political climate, capitalizing on your organization’s advocacy efforts could be a big win in terms of member recruitment. This especially holds true for young professionals: We know that having a strong cause to support is important to this group!

In fact, Marketing General Incorporated’s 2018 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report has some interesting results regarding why associations and chambers should consider putting an emphasis on their advocacy efforts:

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MC LIVE! 2018: Get the Recap!

Last week, we welcomed 207 MemberClicks and WebLink users - representing 127 different organizations and 15 different industries from 38 different states (and three different countries!) - to Indianapolis for three days of membership management insights, software training and analysis, and a whole lot of fun.

Attendees of MC LIVE! 2018 called it “motivating,” “priceless,” and downright “refreshing.” Here are some of the high points from the week that MemberClicks customers raved about!

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