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10 Association Membership Recruitment Ideas for 2021

Now is a great time to be thinking about new member recruitment for your association. Your future members are likely more primed than ever for...

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Member Retention

How to Win Back Lapsed Members: Tips + Letter Templates

If your membership organization is like most, you likely have one simple goal in mind: grow your membership. You do this by attracting new members...

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Small Staff Association

How to Recruit More Committee Members    (+ Committee Member Invitation Letter Template)

Membership organizations thrive when members get involved. You and your staff can’t do it all, so when members step up to offer their guidance and...

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Association Management

3 Membership Renewal Letter Samples to Boost Your Renewal Rates

If you run a membership organization, you know the importance (and the challenge!) of growing your membership and bringing in consistent revenue....

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The Complete Guide to Membership Dues

Deciding what to charge for your membership is one of the most important decisions your organization can make. 

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Membership Management

Why You Need Association Management Software to Collect Member Dues

Three months ago, Talya started a small dental association in her city in order to give her fellow dental professionals a chance to connect,...

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