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See how other associations and chambers are using MemberClicks to enhance staff efficiency, grow their membership, generate revenue, and more.

How a staff of one used connected solutions by MemberClicks to grow membership 33%, boost retention and member satisfaction, and save 40 hours a month

Florida Festivals and Events Association - MemberClicks Platform

As a seven-year MemberClicks veteran customer, FFEA was looking for strategic opportunities to accelerate membership growth and provide additional benefits to loyal members. Excellent user experience (both admin and end-user) and high value were top priorities. FFEA has adopted several connected...

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How the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association Grew Its Membership by Empowering Field Reps with an All-in-One Membership Management Solution

Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association - Oasis AMS

OCA, a group focused on political advocacy to influence member growth, was using a database management tool housed on a centralized computer, administered by one person. This caused inefficiencies by way of wasted time, increased frustration, and lost dues revenue. Processes were streamlined by...

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How MemberClicks Used MC | LMS to Increase Virtual Event Registration and Generate Unplanned Revenue

MC Thrive - MC | LMS

With the cancellation of its three-day, in-person conference, MemberClicks identified an opportunity to create an affordable, high-value, daylong virtual educational experience called MC Thrive using its own learning management system product, MC | LMS. MemberClicks used MC | LMS as the backbone...

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How the National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials Generated $3,500 in Non-dues Revenue with Job Board by MemberClicks

NACPRO - MC | Job Board

While NACPRO always had a job board functionality on their website, they weren’t able to manage it in an efficient way. Employers were also restricted in what they could self manage. NACPRO now offers better customer service, makes money outside of dues — $3,500 to be exact — and allows its one,...

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How a Staff of One Nurtured Organizational Professionalism and Increased Members by 16%

Midwest Sociological Society - Oasis AMS

The skills of the executive director were being wasted, as she was spending most of her time performing data entry and highly manual tasks that kept her from more strategic focus. By using Oasis AMS, the organization’s executive director started saving 15-20 hours a week on manual tasks, and...

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