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See how other associations and chambers are using MemberClicks to enhance staff efficiency, grow their membership, generate revenue, and more.

How the American Society for Nutrition used MemberClicks automation to recapture lapsed members

American Society for Nutrition - Oasis AMS

Working with another provider, ASN was finding monumental challenges using the technology to automate highly manual processes. Additionally, a lackluster product was costing them an exorbitant amount of money, which made the lack of functionality more frustrating. With MemberClicks’ Oasis AMS,...

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How one chamber manages several membership levels (each with its own unique set of benefits) with one simple tool

Tampa Bay Chamber - Benefits Management

The Tampa Bay Chamber is a big reason why MemberClicks created the Benefits Management feature in the Atlas membership management system to begin with. 

See, the Tampa Bay Chamber offers a number of membership levels, each with its own unique set of benefits. But prior to Benefits Management,...

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How one association administers thousands of certifications (and earns thousands in non-dues revenue) each year

Salon & Spa Professional Association - MC | LMS

Education is at the core of membership with the Salon & Spa Professional Association (SSPA). You see, most states require some level of continued education in order for salon and spa professionals to maintain their licenses. (And in Minnesota alone, where SSPA is headquartered, there are over...

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How a statewide association proves membership value and retains key sponsors with a white-glove experience

New Mexico Restaurant Association - Benefits Management

The New Mexico Restaurant Association represents the state’s entire restaurant industry. They educate and support restaurateurs, provide discounts on services through various partnerships, and are actively involved in advocating for restaurants at the state and national levels.

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How two organizations planning one major conference collaborated with ease

North Carolina Public Health Association - Review Panel

Every year, the North Carolina Public Health Association (NCPHA) teams up with the North Carolina Division of Public Health (NCPH) to host the Public Health Leaders’ Conference, a two-day event designed to bring together the state’s top public health leaders. 

Twice as many minds and hands to...

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