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Tampa Bay Chamber - Benefits Management

How one chamber manages several membership levels (each with its own unique set of benefits) with one simple tool

The Tampa Bay Chamber is a big reason why MemberClicks created the Benefits Management feature in the Atlas membership management system to begin with. 

See, the Tampa Bay Chamber offers a number of membership levels, each with its own unique set of benefits. But prior to Benefits Management, they had no way of really tracking the usage of those benefits.

For example, for several membership levels, one of the benefits is complimentary event registrations. (In other words, “For this membership level, your company gets X number of free registrations for this event.”) But without a solid way to track usage of that, Chamber staff had to rely on their members to be honest. If one company’s membership level allowed for two free registrations, they had to hope their members would respect that when registering. 

But the inability to track benefits usage was problematic for members, too. In the past, members had no way of seeing whether other people from their organization had registered for an event or not. So sometimes, they would go over the allotted number of free spots simply because they didn’t know the other spots had been taken. 

That all changed, though, with the advent of Benefits Management. With Benefits Management, if a company gets two free registrations for an event as part of their dues package, the system will automatically stop the third person from registering for free. (They can, of course, still register, but they just have to pay.) 

In addition to making the execution of membership tiers more attainable, the Benefits Management feature in Atlas has also helped facilitate conversations regarding membership renewals. “If a member is unhappy or considering not renewing,” said Patie Powers, Member Relations Specialist at the Tampa Bay Chamber, “we’re able to pull up the benefits area in their member profile and point to either unused benefits or benefits they’ve taken advantage of. It’s really helpful to have that as a tool and a reference point.” 

Considering the Tampa Bay Chamber’s membership structure is based on varying tiers with varying benefits, having the Benefits Management feature has been a lifesaver and a game-changer. The Chamber looks forward to using it for both recruitment and retention purposes in the years to come.