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Wisconsin State Reading Association - Review Panel

How one association improved collaboration among submission reviewers from all over the state

The Wisconsin State Reading Association keeps busy with collecting, reviewing, and selecting submissions: for journal articles, their Speakers Bureau, and awards nominations, to name a few of their initiatives.

So it makes sense that, after years of copying and pasting submissions into a Google doc and trying to schedule in-person meetings with reviewers who live all across Wisconsin, they were ready for something that would facilitate reviewer collaboration much more efficiently.


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As soon as she heard about MemberClicks’ Review Panel, WSRA Administrative Assistant Joyce Uglow knew she had to explore it. “I love you guys. You listen to clients and come up with things that are going to be time savers, so when I see something that you’re doing, I think it’s worthy of investigation. When I found out exactly what (Review Panel) was, I convinced the Board to go forward.” 

Since launching in Review Panel, WSRA has completed one submissions cycle and has already seen major improvements in the way their reviewers have been working together.

“Each person on the three-person committee has a different level of experience. This time around the third person was new to the process. In the past, the newest committee members didn’t always seem comfortable with sharing their feedback in face-to-face meetings. Being able to comment in Review Panel has helped make it a softer introduction to the process.”

The committee still met in person to discuss the submissions and their ratings, but they found that already having scored in Review Panel made everything MUCH more consistent. Instead of going back and forth and changing many of the scores, they were able to use the time they saved to really focus on what they were looking for and hone in on the criteria.

Bonus? They even were able to cut an entire face-to-face meeting out of the process. For WSRA, that translates into a whole weekend’s worth of time, plus travel and hotel expenses for 6-7 people - aka, a lot of time and money.

As far as Review Panel features and usability, Uglow couldn’t be happier.

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It gives me peace of mind to be able to see who I’ve communicated with and not have to reinvent the wheel.


“I really like that you’re able to have multiple submission processes open at once. And the ability to blind submissions for journals. And the ability for reviewers to be able to filter by topic. And being able to use labels to assign time slots once the proposal has been accepted. It gives me peace of mind to be able to see who I’ve communicated with and not have to reinvent the wheel.”

WSRA has already opened another submissions initiative in Review Panel, this time for awards nominations. Uglow also has big plans getting their journal chair and the Board involved with using the submissions solution for their needs. Sounds to us like the Wisconsin State Reading Association is getting all they can out of MemberClicks’ Review Panel - which is exactly what we hoped for!