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Rising Member Expectations

How to Match Rising Member Expectations in 2019

We live in a highly advanced, highly personalized world. Voice assistants, same-day delivery, and on-demand content are becoming the norm. And while that’s great for us as consumers, it can be a challenge for those in the business of customer service (your association or chamber included).

Your members are expecting instant service. They’re comparing your organization to companies like Amazon and eBay. And while none of us can directly compete with retail giants like that, there are several things you can do to meet - and even exceed - rising member expectations in 2019:

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Elevated Events: There's an App for That!

Posted by Callie Walker

MCI Conference App Case Study

If you’re like most organizations, events are the second greatest revenue driver for your association or chamber. (Membership dues rank first, of course.) So naturally, you want your events to be as successful - and engaging - as possible!

But what makes a successful and engaging event? Well, there are a number of factors. The biggest is obviously the value that your members and/or prospects will receive from attending (the information they’ll learn, the connections they’ll make, etc.), but aside from that, there’s…

  • Ease of registration
  • Quick, clear onsite communication
  • Perceived value from your vendors/sponsors

And more. How does your association or chamber currently score on those fronts? If the answer isn’t A++, it might be time to embrace a new tool: a conference app.

Now you may already have a conference app in place, but does it integrate with your existing association management system? And not only that, but does it have all the features you currently desire - features that will not only make your job easier, but your attendees’ experience richer?

For the Florida Festivals and Events Association (or FFEA, for short), the answer was no, so they decided to try out MemberClicks’ Conference App (yes, we have one!) for their 24th Annual Convention and Tradeshow.

Did they love it? Yes! They especially loved…

  • How it integrated with their MemberClicks association management system - Whenever someone registered for the event online, their information was automatically added to the attendee list in the app. (This was something FFEA had to do manually before. Yikes.)
  • The content protection feature - With MemberClicks’ Conference App, although anyone could download the app, only people who’d registered for the conference could actually access the information inside. (Believe it or not, this was a feature the app they were using prior did not have. And speaker presentations needed to be protected!)
  • The scavenger hunt feature - The robust nature of the scavenger hunt feature (designed to connect members and exhibitors) allowed FFEA to work with each vendor/sponsor individually and plan meaningful activities that would align with each company’s unique goal. (More on that here.)

And it wasn’t just FFEA staff who loved the app. Their members and exhibitors did too. “We actually had several members ask who our app provider was,” said Suzanne Neve, CEO of FFEA. “Keep in mind, our members are event planners. When event planners ask what conference app you’re using, that’s when you know you have a good product.”

For more on how FFEA fully leveraged MemberClicks’ Conference App, check out our latest case study!

And if you think MemberClicks’ Conference App could be a good fit for YOUR association or chamber’s next event, let’s chat! Click the link below to learn more/get in touch!

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