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Fresh Marketing Ideas for Spring

3 Fresh Marketing Ideas to Try at Your Organization This Spring

We love a good season change, especially when it means warmer (and longer) days ahead. And it seems like there’s just something about spring that tends to perk people up. Maybe it’s the sunshine. Or the fresh air. Or the bright, blooming flowers.

Whatever it is, use that energy in your organization’s marketing efforts. Check out these fresh ideas to try out this spring:

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Help New Staff Get Comfortable with Using Your Database: 4 Keys

Posted by Colleen Bottorff

helping new staff get comfortable with using your database

Starting a new job can be intimidating, especially having to learn new processes and systems. And as an association veteran, it can be equally intimidating for you to have a new staff member poking around your database!

That’s one of the reasons why we offer so many different ways to train on your system, because we recognize that you may have staff who come and go throughout the year. And when it comes to getting new staff up to speed, introducing them to your database should be near the top of your list! Here are a few ways to do just that:

Sign them up for MemberClicks 101

Offered once a month, our 101 training series consists of live webinar training sessions that go through each part of the database. We highly recommend that any new staff go through an entire series as soon as possible. This will help them:

  • Get familiar with the database, inside and out.

  • Understand how each part plays a role in your organization.

  • Know where to turn when they have questions.

Read more about MemberClicks 101 and find the regularly updated calendars for each AMS product.

Shadow coworkers

Once they’ve had a chance to learn the basics, now’s the time for new staff to sit down with various departments to see how your association or chamber actually uses its database. Training from us is one thing, but seeing how it applies to your organization’s day to day is equally important!

Now, this new staff member should spend more time shadowing their own department to really learn the ins and outs. But it may also be beneficial for them to observe people in other departments, too. Transparency is key to breaking down silos!

Get hands-on

It’s time for your new staff member to get their feet wet! Many people learn best by actually getting into the system, so don’t be afraid to let them access the database and take a look around. Start them off with some simple tasks and build them up to something more complicated.

Tip: Your newer staff may find our bi-weekly user calls to be especially helpful. Encourage them to jump in and join the conversation! Or, take it a step further by inviting our trainers to your office for a custom session so your newer staff can get some one-on-one attention. (Calendar for these calls and info to request an on-site visit are here, too.) 

Send them to a Regional Training event

After some initial training and trial, attending one of our Regional Training events will turn any new staff member into a software power user! Sessions at these events dive a little bit deeper than the 101 series. Plus, training live with other users provides a collaborative environment where attendees can ask questions and bounce ideas off one another.

Our next Regional Training event is happening virtually! Learn more about Regional Training and register here.

Of course, there’s more than just your database to consider when onboarding new staff at your association or chamber. For more tips, download our free guide!

Best Practices for Onboarding New Staff  How to get your new staff members up to speed! Download this guide

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