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blog.memberclicks.comhubfsMistakes to Avoid in 2019

6 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Association or Chamber in 2019

When we talk about the new year and what that means for us - both personally and professionally - we often talk about what we’re going to do. But to achieve success, sometimes we need to pinpoint the activities and behaviors that are bad for us; the things we’re not going to do.

What mistakes should association and chamber professionals avoid in 2019? We’ve identified six:

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MC Cares 2018: From Coding to Caulking with Habitat for Humanity!

Posted by Colleen Bottorff

MC Cares H4H 2018

MC Cares is our annual initiative to give back; It’s one of the ways we honor the “heart for service” part of our mission. As a company that provides solutions for member-based and nonprofit organizations, it’s so important to us that we give a helping hand and support missions in our local communities!

This year, we’re fortunate enough to be partnering with Habitat for Humanity! The H4H vision is to one day see “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” Our Atlanta and Indianapolis locations had the opportunity to work on projects in March to do our part in helping further that vision:


The team worked on TWO houses in one day. The owner of one was so appreciative to H4H ATL Hart and Mary Sue-052916-editedhave new home soon - she home schools her three children, and they needed a bright, new space to learn in!

“The MC Habitat for Humanity build was fun and rewarding! Our group of 9 worked on two separate houses side-by-side. We built hand railings for stairs, painted trim, installed door knobs and locks for all outer accessible doors, caulked the showers, swept & tidied up the floors, and reinstalled stairs (whew - that’s a lot!). There is something so warming about putting those finishing touches on a house that a family will soon call home and we felt honored to do so.” - Lauren Hartsfield, Payment Processing Coordinator


The house we worked on in Indianapolis was actually a rehabilitation project, rather than building the house from scratch. The owner chose this particular location to help rebuild the neighborhood that she grew up in!H4H IND Vanessa-105561-edited

“This was my first time volunteering with H4H, so I was a bit skeptical about how much I'd really be able to contribute. However, they did a good job of having enough tasks for all different skills levels so that we could all have a full day of work. Not only was I able to work beside some of my favorite Clickers, but was also able to meet and work with the woman who would be living in the home, as well as others who have participated in the program. Indy's H4H has dedicated over 500 homes and it was humbling to know that I was a part of making someone's dream of home ownership come true. I love the fact that MemberClicks encourages its employees to get involved in our local communities.” - Vanessa Tabbert, Solution Advisor

We can’t wait to continue working with Habitat for Humanity throughout the year, and sharing our experiences with you! See more pictures in our Habitat for Humanity album on Facebook.

With all this being said, we know that volunteers can be hard to come by. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Volunteer Management for tips on recruitment, orientation, and keeping volunteers on board and active!

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