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Takeaways from #MCLIVE18

Industry Buzz: 3 Key Takeaways from #MCLIVE18

If you follow us on social media, you likely know about the conference we just held in Indianapolis - MC LIVE! (If you don’t follow us on social media, well...you should! All the links are at the bottom of this page.)

That said, at MC LIVE!, there were a number of breakout sessions covering a variety of industry-related topics: how to work with a difficult board (yeah, we’ve all been there), how to improve the member experience, how to more effectively manage your organization’s data - all that good stuff.

Now as you can imagine, we left with pages and pages (and pages and pages) of notes, but if we were to pull only a few key takeaways, they’d be as follows:

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Meet the Operations Team!

Posted by Colleen Bottorff

Meet the MemberClicks Operations Team!

Chances are, as a MemberClicks customer, you haven’t interacted much with anyone on our Operations team - and that’s a shame! These Clickers literally keep our business running. From managing company finances to saving us when technology doesn’t want to work to keeping us constantly stocked with the essentials (aka, coffee) and more, we would be absolutely lost without them!

Introducing, the MemberClicks Operations Team!

Addy-034657-editedAddy Bauermeister
Director of People Operations

Favorite MC Value: If you aren't taking it personally, what are you doing?

Fun Fact: I am originally from Spokane, Washington and had never eaten grits before I moved to the South!

James-192592-editedJames Deverell
Help Desk Technician

Favorite MC Value: Working hard merits playing hard.

Fun Fact: I once worked as a professional puppeteer.

adiekmannAndrew Diekmann
Digital Media Solutions Manager

Favorite MC Value: Transparency

Fun Fact:  I once designed a Coca Cola bottle logo printed and sold on bottles in Indiana.

KaydenKayden Evans
Operations Coordinator

Favorite MC Value:  Transparency - In every chapter of life I've experienced, I've recognized that choosing to be transparent and having an honest way about you will lead to a rewarding, happy, and healthy life! I love that we value this kind of character.

Fun Fact: Every summer for the last 5 years I've hiked a different National Park for a week! 

IMG_01931-709575-editedLori Hively
Business Manager

Favorite MC Value: Transparency

Fun Fact: I have a Volkswagen convertible!


Chris LChris Landis
VP, Finance and Administration

Favorite MC Value:  Take it Personally

Fun Fact: I once recorded a jazz album.

BrentBrent Stringer
Director of Finance and Accounting

Favorite MC Value: 
Take it Personally. The amount of care the employees at MemberClicks have for their work and for really doing whatever it takes to help our customers live out their missions is palpable each and every day...it's contagious and foundational to our culture. Coming to MemberClicks really showed me what it means to be a part of an organization that always puts its customers first and makes every decision with "How does this better serve the customer experience?” at the forefront. We care about what our customers care about...they are not mutually exclusive

       Fun Fact:  I get judged a lot because I don't like potatoes.

This team of all-stars is also responsible for getting new MemberClicks employees, or Clickers, up and running! For tips on how you can provide as refreshing of an experiences as they do, take a look at our guide: Best Practices for Onboarding New Staff.

 Best Practices for Onboarding New Staff  How to get your new staff members up to speed! Download this guide

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