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Job Hunt Services Your Young Professional Members WANT

Your youngest members - especially recent graduates - probably have one thing predominantly on their mind:

Find. A. Job!

Job hunting can almost feel like a job itself. Researching different opportunities, reworking your resume to speak specifically to each, writing cover letter after cover letter, prepping for interviews...it takes a lot of time.

Consider providing these valuable services to help your young professional members on their hunt (and engage them along the way, too):

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Tackling the Trends in Nonprofit Communications

Posted by Callie Walker


With so many different communication channels out there - websites, newsletters, emails, and more - communicating with your association’s stakeholders can often seem overwhelming. What channels are the most effective? How often should you be sending out messages? What types of messages should you be communicating in the first place? The list of questions goes on and on.

Fortunately, Nonprofit Marketing Guide recently released their sixth annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Report to help nonprofits understand how other similar organizations are communicating with their key constituents. This year’s report features responses from 1,613 nonprofit professionals.

Take a look at some of the key takeaways:

  • The top two goals for nonprofit Communications Directors in 2016 are brand awareness and community engagement.
  • Websites, email, and traditional social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) continue to be the top communication channels for nonprofit organizations.
  • Nonprofits are much bigger producers of email newsletters than print newsletters: 9 in 10 will send at least one email newsletter in 2016, while only two-thirds of nonprofits will send a print newsletter. (In terms of frequency, monthly e-newsletters remain the most popular.)
  • The importance of Instagram to nonprofits has risen faster than any other social media site. (In fact, 30 percent of Communications Directors and 29 percent of Executive Directors placed Instagram in their top three social media channels.)
  • Nonprofits are most likely to experiment with Flickr and Periscope in 2016, confirming their interest in more visual content.
  • Fifty-nine percent of nonprofits will pay for Facebook advertising in 2016 with 39 percent spending over $100.

Those are some pretty big shifts, huh? Perhaps the biggest takeaway for me here is the rise in importance of visual social media, particularly Instagram. Instagram has always housed a lot of potential for nonprofits - but very few have actually tapped into that. If you’re thinking of taking on Instagram in 2016, check out these tips for grasping its full potential.

For more insights on nonprofit communications trends, download the complete 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report here.

If you’re looking to improve your organization’s communications, an association management system could be just what you need. What exactly is an AMS, you ask? See for yourself in our free guide below!

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