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Questions to Add to Member Application

4 Questions to Consider Adding to Your Online Member Application

Having a soon-to-be member fill out a member application on your organization’s website is exciting. More interest! More growth!

But in addition to it being an exciting process, it’s also a great opportunity for your organization to gather information that can help with engagement and retention, as well as future recruitment efforts...as long as you ask the right questions.

In fact, here are four questions you may want to consider adding to your online member application moving forward:  

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The Most Meaningful Change You Can Make to Your Association’s Website

Posted by Callie Walker


Web design is an ongoing process. Even after you do a major overhaul, at some point, it will need to be tweaked again. That’s just the world of web.

But not all website edits have to be big and complicated. In fact, here’s an easy one that will have a MAJOR impact on your association:


Yup, simplicity is a beautiful thing - literally! It prevents people from getting overwhelmed and helps you convey your point(s) better.

When it comes to simplifying your association’s website, take a look at these three areas:

1. The copy

If there’s one thing people tend to over-do on websites, it’s write. “Copy crazy” is what we call this. But no matter how important you think that information is, it’s not practical. People aren’t going to read long paragraphs of copy.

...but they will read it in other formats. Simpler formats.

When drafting copy for your organization’s website, try incorporating:

  • Bullet points
  • Lists
  • Short sentences and paragraphs
  • Text callouts
  • Headlines

These scannable formats are MUCH easier to consume.

2. The navigation

Have you ever encountered a website that was so complicated you felt like you needed Magellan to navigate it? We’ve all been there - and it’s certainly not fun. Don’t make your members and potential members feel like that. Make your website navigation easy, easy, easy.

What do we mean by an easy navigation? Well, your navigation menu should be clean and descriptive. And if you have drop-down menus, those should be clean and descriptive as well, meaning people can tell roughly what’s going to be on each page - where they can find certain information. Having a site map at the bottom is also a good idea!

3. The overall design

Web design is great, but there is such a thing as overly designed, and that’s when the design gets in the way of people actually consuming your content. Not good. To avoid overly designing your website, be cautious of how many bright colors you use, the types of fonts you choose, and how much media you decide to display.

Want more tips for making your website practical and engaging? Check out our free Guide to Membership Websites below!

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