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Small Staff Chatter

Increased Member Engagement Starts with a Strong Call-to-Action

When drafting emails or updating copy on your membership website, the goal - nine times out of ten - is to get your members to take action. Maybe...

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Small Staff Chatter

Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines for Your Organization's Event Emails

Half the battle in event planning is event promotion. You need to get people in the door.

Now you’re likely sending plenty of emails, but are...

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MC Insider

Making Sure Your Emails Get Delivered (And Opened): 9 Tips

Believe it or not, modern email functionality has been around since the mid-70s. And it’s not going away any time soon. In fact, did you know that...

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Association Views

How to Make Your Organization's Emails Stand Out

Raise your hand if you get (what seems like) a million emails per day? Yup, we can ALL relate. 

And your members are in the same boat. So when...

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