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Alleviating Financial Management Stress with Association Software

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? If you’re not sure that “alleviating stress” and “financial management” belong in the same sentence, then you might be surprised to learn what association management software (AMS) can do to lend a helping hand!

An AMS is a valuable part of an association’s financial ecosystem. Its functionality can create a better experience for members, save valuable association staff time, and make things easier on your books. (Which also makes things easier for you!) Here are just a few ways that an AMS can alleviate financial management stress:

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Attend These MC LIVE! Sessions and Earn CAE Credit

While planning MC LIVE!, MemberClicks’ conference for association and chamber professionals, we’ve asked ourselves a lot of questions when deciding what sessions to move forward with. To list a few:

Is the topic thought-provoking?

Is the speaker a leader in the industry community?

Will session attendees walk away with actionable tactics?

Another thing we’ve considered is whether or not the session would qualify for CAE credit - and boy, have our speakers come through. In fact, at MC LIVE! nearly every breakout session is worth credit. We're happy to say you could earn 8+ over the 2.5 days of the event! Take a look at these CAE-credit-earning sessions (worth 1.25 each):

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Universal Software Tips: Support Member Acquisition

A personal touch is key to effective member acquisition. Actually building a relationship with prospective members will help communicate the value of membership by honing in on what’s important to them, and make it easier to continually engage them once they do become a member.

It can be difficult to focus on creating that personal connection when there are so many other details to keep track of in membership acquisition. However, let your software do some of that heavy lifting - that’s what it’s for, after all! Whether you’re using MemberClicks or WebLink, here are a few ways your database can support your member acquisition initiatives:

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The Responsibility to Always be Shockingly Refreshing

At MemberClicks, being shockingly refreshing is so important to us that it appears in our mission…

“To empower member-based organizations to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service”

...and it’s our very first core value:

“Everything we do has to be shockingly refreshing.”

Always being shockingly refreshing is no easy task, but it’s a responsibility we take seriously. But what exactly does that mean?

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Getting the Most Out of a User Conference: 6 Steps

A user conference differs slightly from a regular one. Not only do you get to attend the typical best practice breakouts lead by industry experts, but you’ll also have access to sessions that dive deep into a system you use every day. And, even better, you meet and greet with the people who build it and other users with all kinds of backgrounds!

It’s almost like you can get two or three conferences' worth of value out of a user conference, if you use your time wisely. Here are our suggestions for taking the steps toward an amazing user conference experience:

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Why a Modern Website is Crucial for Attracting & Engaging Members

Your website is your digital first impression. It’s the first place that anyone goes to find information about your association, and if it’s slow, difficult to navigate, or unappealing to the eye, you’re going to lose your audience’s attention…fast.

Did you know that 47% of Internet users expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less? And if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, 40% say they will just leave.

More food for thought: According to a Hubspot article, psychology plays a big role in our ability and desire to consume website content. 94% of participants in a study about design and readability indicated that their uneasiness about a website’s design caused them to not trust the information. 94%!!

These stats aren’t meant to be scary – it’s just our reality! And it simply means it’s worth the time and effort it takes to continually refresh your website to be modern and responsive. Think about it:

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Mark Your Calendars! May and June Events & Training Opportunities

This is it, guys! Conference season is truly up on us - and we can’t wait to get out there and see you all! Plus, if you’ve been keeping up with our emails, we’ve announced some pretty amazing upcoming training opportunities for both MemberClicks and WebLink users.

Here are all the things you can look forward to with us for the rest of May and June!

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10 Items You’ll Need to Build a Valuable Event App for Attendees

So you’ve done your research and decided that a conference app would be a beneficial addition to your events. Now that you’ve settled on a platform, it’s time to start populating the app with information!

It can seem overwhelming, but the good news is that you likely have all of this information already. It’s just a matter of getting it all in one place for a quick and easy app development process! Here’s a list of things to gather when you’re ready to start building out your conference app:

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Meet the Training and Customer Success Teams!

Never fear, Training and Customer Success are here! These teams are constantly working to make sure that you are all getting the absolute most out of your system, based on your unique needs.

Whether you need a database consultation, would like to take advantage of one of our professional services, are interested in hands-on training opportunities, or would simply like to talk to someone who’s been in your shoes (because half of this team has worked in an association or chamber) - these are the Clickers you’re looking for!

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5 Things to Consider When Creating a Member Referral Program

Referrals are honestly the best way to recruit new members: For one thing, it means the members that are talking you up are loyal and engaged. On the flip side, the new members being referred are likely to come into membership excited and ready to engage, too.

Creating a strategic referral program really boils down to the good ol’ five W’s:

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Universal Membership Software Tips: Executing Events with Ease

Association and chamber events are an important piece to the member engagement puzzle. That being said, there is always a LOT to manage. That’s why we built your membership management software (whether that’s MemberClicks or WebLink) with the features to make managing events - large or small - a whole lot easier!

No matter which of our products you use, these tips can surely help you out:

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