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5 Ways to Combat Communications Fatigue Among Members

Email, social media, messaging apps - oh my! It’s safe to say that the abundance of solutions available these days have made keeping up with communications slightlyoverwhelming.

If you think your members may be experiencing “communications fatigue,” take a look at these five things you can do to combat it:

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12 Tips for Attending MC LIVE!

First time attending a user conference? Or has it been a while? A user conference differs from others because it’s meant for you, the user, to go home with more confidence to use your database in a way that will transform your organization.

And with MC LIVE! right around the corner, I have a few pieces of advice to get the most out of your experience:

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Easily Generate Non-Dues Revenue With FinTech Your Members NEED

Did you hear the news? MemberClicks recently extended its partnership with Payscape, our preferred payment processor!

As part of this partnership extension, we’ve introduced the Payscape Affiliate Partner Program. This is a revenue-share agreement designed to help you generate thousands in non-dues revenue a year while providing financial technology benefits to your members. All you have to do is sign on and - quite literally - sit back, relax, and watch the revenue roll in. (I know, we were shocked as well.)

And don’t worry - if you already work with a payment processor you love, you don’t have to switch in order to join the program!

Interested? Check out these details:

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Meet the Operations Team!

Chances are, as a MemberClicks customer, you haven’t interacted much with anyone on our Operations team - and that’s a shame! These Clickers literally keep our business running. From managing company finances to saving us when technology doesn’t want to work to keeping us constantly stocked with the essentials (aka, coffee) and more, we would be absolutely lost without them!

Introducing, the MemberClicks Operations Team!

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Mark Your Calendars! September and October Events & Training

We’re coming off a hot summer of events and trade shows, and it sure isn’t lightening up any this Fall! Here’s where we’re going to be - and where we hope to see you!

But first - let’s take a look at some upcoming opportunities for training and best practices on the system YOU use every day:

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[Guest Post] 50 Fundraising Ideas for Associations

This post was originally written by Alex McCandless at Payscape.

While typically for a good cause, fundraising and donation gathering can be quite the task. But the efforts and long hours put in pay off in the long run!

Did you know...

  • Organizations that actively use crowdfunding techniques average over $50,000 in annual contributions?
  • The average one-time gift to a nonprofit is $82?
  • For every 1,000 web visitors, a nonprofit with online donation capabilities raises $612?

If these quick stats aren’t enough to get you pumped for crowdsourcing success, take a look at these 50 fundraising ideas to help get the creative donation juices flowing!

(And note: If lack of time is your biggest issue when it comes to creating and implementing a non-dues revenue strategy, put technology to work! Consider entering into a revenue-share agreement that both you and your members can benefit from. More about that here.)

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Keep These 5 Website Features Refreshed for Member Engagement

Like it or not, your website is a living, breathing thing. It must be consistently maintained and updated in order for members to visit regularly and keep engaging with information and content.

Don’t be overwhelmed! By planning ahead, you can easily make sure that a few key website features are kept fresh and relevant. Here are the five features we recommend you focus on, and how often you should refresh them:

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Universal Software Tips: Automating & Encouraging Member Renewal

As you well know, retaining existing members requires a lot less time and resources (aka, money) than recruiting new ones. But you also know that proving and communicating membership value can be tough.

Your membership management software (whether it’s MemberClicks or WebLink) is built to arm you with information that’ll help. Here are a few ways to leverage your software for member retention:

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8 Reasons to Get FUGA’d at MC LIVE! (What is FUGA? We’ll Explain)

I know what you’re thinking: “What the heck is FUGA?!”

FUGA stands for Feature Usage Gap Analysis: It’s a special report card for your database that identifies exactly what features you aren’t using - but should be!

This year at MC LIVE!, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with a software expert and go over your report. Trust me when I say, you’ll walk out of the FUGA Shack with actionable tactics to get the absolute most out of your database and best serve your members.

Here are 8 reasons to join us in the FUGA Shack at MC LIVE! (Psst - if you haven’t registered yet for the user conference, hurry before prices go up on August 1!):

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A Peek at MemberClicks’ Product Development Process: 6 Steps

In order to continue empowering member-based organizations to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service (our mission!), MemberClicks takes a very methodical approach to how we develop our association management software products (MemberClicks and WebLink).

We give all of our customers ample opportunity to provide product feedback and let us know what features they want to see. If you’ve ever submitted a suggestion and are wondering what happens next, this sneak peek is for you! Here are the six steps our Product team goes through to uncover needs, and prioritize features and fixes:

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Congratulations to Our “What’s Your Why?” Winner!

In June, we announced a contest called “What’s Your Why?” to talk about your “why” - or, your passion. The reason you stay late, volunteer, and go the extra mile for your organization. In other words, what makes you and your colleagues tick?

Over the course of the month we received nearly 30 submissions from association and chamber professionals from across the country. Thank you for all of your amazing submissions, it was truly a tough decision to choose a winner!

Every single Clicker (MemberClicks employee) was given the opportunity to vote and, after some deliberation, we’re pleased to announce that we have selected a submission to receive a FREE registration (plus flight and hotel expenses) to MC LIVE!, a three-day conference for association and chamber professionals.

Join MemberClicks in congratulating…

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