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6 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Association or Chamber in 2019

When we talk about the new year and what that means for us - both personally and professionally - we often talk about what we’re going to do. But to achieve success, sometimes we need to pinpoint the activities and behaviors that are bad for us; the things we’re not going to do.

What mistakes should association and chamber professionals avoid in 2019? We’ve identified six:

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Wrapping Up the Year With Your Board

Posted by Sarah Hill

Working with a board can be very rewarding, but also very exasperating. One of the most common complaints of a small staff association leader is the sometimes cumbersome process pushing action through with the board. If you find yourself with six weeks left in 2014 and initiatives still on the table, this blog is for you!

  • Double check your goals

The first thing you need to do is be sure you know 100% what’s left to do. Go through the list first yourself and see what remains that's relevant; some things are bound to have changed and it’ll be good for your board, and your own personal clutter clearing to go ahead and close chapters that can no longer be accomplished for one reason or another. When you have a solid list, prioritize. Take THAT list to your board, but first...

  • Do a status check

At what stage are these goals? Which of these are close to being finished and just need that last final sprint, and which are still in the conception mode? Are there any that you can “knock out” with some diligent work? If there’s low-hanging fruit, grab it!

  • Make a to-do list

Take your high-priority items and the easy “knock outs” with just a few more steps left and make a to-do list. Clear action items with suggestions of people who can complete them most efficiently. Add completion dates yourself or work with others to map out a timeline.

  • Be realistic

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Remember that the holidays are a busy time for everyone. Often folks take that last vacation around Thanksgiving and Christmas and everyone usually has end-of-year goals in their jobs as well. When you set those dates, be sure it’s doable. If not you run the risk of stressing out your board and members, and driving them further away.

  • Celebrate and amp up for the New Year

When your board comes through, celebrate! Work in a holiday celebration or wait until after January 1 and have a 2015 kick off. Acknowledge the crunch they just went through and be sure to thank them! That way everyone can toast their hard work and start the New Year with happy feelings.

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