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Engaging First-Time Conference Attendees

Engaging First-Time Conference Attendees: 4 Tactics to Try

Of course you want to provide an exceptional experience for ALL of your conference attendees, but ensuring that happens for your first-time attendees is particularly important. Their decision to attend future events (and possibly even renew their membership) depends heavily on that first experience, so going the extra mile for those folks, in particular, is certainly worth it.

What does “going the extra mile” for your first-time attendees look like? Here are a few tactics worth trying:

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The Millennial Mashup: 20 Ways to Engage Your Organization’s 20-Somethings

Posted by Callie Walker


Are your Millennial members keeping you up at night? If so, we totally understand. Millennials have a completely different set of preferences and priorities than other members and engaging them can sometimes be tough.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 20 ways to engage your organization’s 20-somethings. Take a look!

  • Meet them on social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Create a hashtag and encourage live-tweeting during meetings and events. 
  • Offer an incentive for fundraising or attendance (i.e. free food, a t-shirt, etc.) 
  • Add a little humor to your organization’s content – think pop culture references, animated gifs, etc.
  • Create a Millennial mentoring program.
  • Establish a Young Professionals Committee. (Think about it: who can plan Millennial events better than your very own Millennial members?)
  • Organize a TED Talk. (You can either put together a presentation for Millennials or encourage your Millennial members to present.)
  • Launch a social media contest. 
  • Organize an impact session. (An impact session is a meeting with multiple presenters, each one speaking for only about five to ten minutes.)
  • Host a Millennials-only event. (a quarterly pizza night, an ice cream social, etc.) 
  • Host a Millennials-only focus group. 
  • Create short, “snackable” content. (blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.)
  • Make everything mobile-friendly. (This one’s non-negotiable.)
  • Repost your Millennial members’ content. (Regram their Instagram pictures, retweet their tweets.)
  • Host a quarterly networking event to help with career advancement. 
  • Create a social community exclusively for Millennial members. 
  • Create a young professionals group on LinkedIn. 
  • Minimize lecture-driven meetings. (If you must have a lecture-driven meeting, try breaking up into smaller groups to make it more interactive.)
  • Send out a Millennial survey. 
  • Form a panel of well-established professionals to talk to your Millennial members. 

For more tips on engaging the next generation now, download our free Millennial guide below!


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